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Samsung Egypt, Tayarah and Starcom Mediavest Group joining forces once again in “Not the Norm”

The harmony is magical, the outcome is extraordinary and the success is conspicuous every time Samsung Egypt, Tayarah (the formerly known as Disalata) and Starcom Mediavest Group Egypt collaborate. Wael Eino, who is in charge of Samsung Egypt’s account at Starcom Mediavest Group Egypt, was smart enough to take advantage of this mingle and came up with a creative idea to promote Samsung’s latest release, Galaxy A-Series (A3, A5, A7): a Smartphone that has everything you are looking for yet absolutely “not the norm”; thanks to its premium metal design, stylish colors, light weight, wide-selfie feature and Super AMOLED screen. After some brainstorming, Wael , Alaa el Sheikh, and Shereen Amayem, Samsung Egypt’s Digital Marketing Specialist, settled on shooting a video that illustrates the concept of ‘’not the norm’’ of new Samsung Galaxy A-Series (A3, A5, A7), featuring some of Egypt’s contemporary young successful figures.

The concept was inviting four icons appealing to the phone’s target #youth, to switch lives and roles with one another for only one day. After mixing and matching, Khaled Eleish, Nogoom FM’s radio presenter and the popular comedy actor, who appeared with the legendary Adel Imam on “Saheb Al-Saada” series of Ramadan 2014 will switch places with Raneem el Weleely, Egypt’s number one Squash player and current world’s number two.

Nada Akram, the first Egyptian butterfly who actually got the guts to become a fashion designer before it was “the trend” to be one and who is now the designer behind many of our famous actresses’ outfits, switched places withAlaa el Sheikh, the hilarious stand-up comedian, creative director of “Laffah” and most importantly, the one who speaks on behalf of all of us to “Seyat el rayyes”: “El Mowaten el Masry”.

The video was shot in different locations; Raneem el Weleely was welcomed at Nogoom FM’s studio to take over Khaled Eleish’s place in “Ma’ak Fel Sekka” and be the presenter for one day while the latter was enjoying himself atWadi Degla club and getting ready for his Squash training.

Alaa el Sheikh worked on some designs from the new collection with the beautiful model, Salma Abu Deif while Nada Akram tried to impersonate “El Mowaten el Masry”.

The cherry on top of the project was the genius Yahya Ismail, director of “Gloria Ceramics” TV ads and the internet-breaking “All New Axe Upgraded” ad.

Living a day out of the norm was undoubtedly a delightful experience for everyone.

Samsung Egypt, Tayarah and Starcom Mediavest Group Egypt had the pleasure to join forces one more time after the great success of their two joint projects:  “Laffah” and “The Biggest Selfie in Egypt”.

“Laffah” is a viral song that promotes tourism in Egypt throughout a video clip that is a collection of short self-recorded videos showcasing the diversity of Egyptians while taking their very own “laffahs” in Egypt’s most beautiful spots and locations; inviting people from all over the globe to come visit our beloved country. “Laffah” has successfully made it to MENA Cristal Festival in Dubai; taking home the two awards of: Best Use of Branded Content and Best Use of Cultural Campaign.

“The Biggest Selfie in Egypt” was an interactive promotional campaign for Samsung’s new Smartphone, a fun challenge of who can and will take the biggest selfie in Egypt. It was remarkably a great success too. The promotional video managed to get 680,000 views in no time on Youtube. People started spreading the word and inviting as many friends as they possibly could to gather in one place and get ready to take ”The Biggest Selfie in Egypt”.

Samsung Egypt, Tayarah and Starcom Mediavest Group Egypt are very proud of their outcome and are all looking forward to working together in other future projects, achieving an even greater success.

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