Rush Brush Celebrates Mother’s Day By Making Arfa AbdelRasool Rap

There are certain times of the year when every brand launches a campaign to celebrate a certain occasion; it could be the holy month Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr, Sham El-Nessim, Mother’s Day, and so on. Anyone who works in advertising or social media knows that these times are crucial because every brand requires a campaign to promote its products or new offers.

Since we’re in March and we already celebrated International Women’s Day and we have witnessed many campaigns, it’s time for mother’s day. Mother’s Day is another occasion that all brands launches campaign for; some of these campaigns are just social media posts to promote offers while others create adverts.

One brand had already launched its campaign and today we’re discussing it.


Rush Brush Celebrates Mother’s Day

March is the perfect time for brands that serve women to launch their campaigns; it has international women’s day and mother’s day, so it’s the perfect opportunity to attract women with special offers.

As we all know Rush Brush is mainly for women as it sells hair tools, this is why this month was the perfect time for the brand to launch its campaign. The brand has launched a smart campaign to promote itself for Mother’s Day and the advert’s idea is light and funny.


A Social Media Post Featuring Arfa AbdelRasool

To give the audience a glimpse of the campaign, the brand released a social media post as a teaser.

Almost a week ago, the teaser post was published and it featured many women including the famous actress Arfa AbdelRasool holding a brush. The post was engaging as it triggered the audience’s curiosity and asked them if they know what AbdelRasool is about to do and a hashtag was included متكررش_وخليها_راش_براش#.[0]=AZUW01UkEJ9aGqvUuJTYbyq9oYLlLkwJKassRlgi2xj9WgRWZXAhRxt8hTkDLNGK3TpL2jwyBM_Nan6Dt-3LpRwglq1g4iXw8_qrzg4IXxfM1AjcNehxzFvUBhy91vTzG5z4T9s7zw8TM_1v7_eR8919&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R


Arfa AbdelRasool Raps!

The brand revealed its campaign and we can’t deny we were all surprised.

Since most of us always get clueless on what to buy our mom’s on mother’s day, the brand gave us an idea in the most simple and funny way. In a funny advert with a rap jingle, the actress Arfa AbdelRasool surprised us all.

The advert’s idea is very funny and it tackles a real issue when it comes to buying a gift for a mother. Also, seeing an old actress rap was a big surprise and creative as well.[0]=AZXPUZaM4hNZbuqfpZocXcwbEMEwTRuZF8-wn2_SqyjYeXDojr6Y-xRsUc16MVxVtK3Xv4RseQM2jKp66VKW9BFHkABcF9IuXGnoSgmypW2FjeZrNV9hJ3mxFN-Z8yhymi5NmWEBvOEGgzgFSD5Rpr35EO0xz_h6HeTq9e8frULoBA&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R


An Advert with a Jingle = Rap

Rap once again proves that it dominates the adverts.

Rap became the main factor in attracting audiences, especially of young age. We barely see an advert these days that doesn’t include a rap jingle. So, it was a smart move from the brand to keep up with the trends and with how rap is the dominant factor these days.



Why The Advert Went Viral

There are many factors other than rap that made this advert go viral.

The advert has 1.2 million views and 47K comments on Facebook, so we can say that it’s making a buzz!

Aside from having the lovely Arfa AbdelRasool rapping, there are many other factors that made this advert gain admiration. The fact that it’s all about women and to women is a huge plus. The brand also used the trendiest topics brilliantly as it discussed the mother’s day gift and how girls are nicknaming their partners these days with “Arnoub”.

So, the advert was relatable on so many levels which is why it went viral. It actually reached more than its target audience; mothers can relate to Arfa AbdelRasool, girls can benefit from the brand as they can use the offers, and the advert gives men an idea of what women need, and we can’t deny that most women need a hair straightener or curler.

So, the advert was a success from the very first minute to the last as it included every factor that could make it go viral.


Hats off to Rush Brush, we can’t wait to see more creative adverts from you.

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