Remember to live: Inspired by Inertia’s new campaign

The human element is the main focus in all successful brands. Marketers work on enriching the way people work, live and have fun with their families and within their communities.

The most impactful communication trend in 2018, most likely, will be a tighter focus on improving the customer experience and marketers will continue to deal with marketing ROI by mixing tangible and intangible growth.


Stop Worrying About Marketing and Remember to Engage

Consumers are confused. Why can’t we make it simple for them to understand our brand essence, and to share their experiences and the value they felt with others?

There is no more B2B or B2C: it’s Human to Human (H2H).

One of the most emotional and human method of marketing is through the reminder to live.

We’re so used to leaving the office with work on our minds, from deadlines to tomorrow’s tasks, that we often forget that it is our off time. Me time goes to the back of our minds as we head home or stay late in the office.

However, many studies have shown that we DO need our downtime, Me time.

In fact, dozens to hundreds of articles have been created specifically for this topic. Simply because, sometimes, we just forget to live our lives.

During the last two weeks of November, Inertia’s newest campaign and set of short videos, has been aiming and inspiring people to “Remember to Live.”


The video focuses on a hard working achiever, with his mind focused on the next move needed to achieve his next level at work. Always working and always late, he lives and breathes his work. A late night in the office opens his eyes, as fellow colleagues surprise him on his forgotten birthday, right after letting his wife and children know he won’t be coming home on time.

He rushes home to find his family asleep, and he is too late as he looks at the small party his children prepared for him.

As he finally realizes the error of his ways, he aims to set things right as he sees what makes life worthwhile. Coffee dates with loved ones, walks and special moments with the people that matter, are some of the things that make life worth living. “Stop settling, and start living” says the copy, as finally the words soon come on screen, “Remember to Live.”

The campaign aims to show us some of the many ways that we may feel makes life worthwhile. The campaign has inspired us to create a short list on how to “live” and relax after work on the weekdays.


1- Get out of the House

Counter-intuitive, we know, but sometimes what you need is fresh air.

A walk around a green neighborhood, if you’re lucky enough to live in a great compound, or find a long walking street that isn’t fully crowded by cars.

A walk calms the mind, and eases it, making you relaxed and clear headed by the end of it. This also helps in getting a better night’s rest, as worry and anxiety from work are some of the main causes of sleep deprivation.


2- Let it go with Exercise

There are dozens of places where you can find out about the great benefits of working out, and one thing you’ll always find is its ability to help people relax.

Releasing pressure and taking out your stress on that yoga mat or treadmill will definitely put a positive spin at the end of your day. Especially when you meet your other goals as well, if you have them.

Stress relief is usually accompanied with the words working out, so don’t put it off when your mind needs it the most.


Posted by Inertia Egypt on Monday, November 27, 2017


3- Hobbies or things that make you happy

Whether you like jumping from trains, going out to dance, staying in to knit or even all of the above, doing what makes you happy should always be your go-to.

Activities, whether high in adrenaline or not, remind all of us what it is like to live our lives, in whatever form or action.


4- Unwind with Music

A simple and classic way of relaxing, music has always been there to soothe our minds and soul.

Some soft music will always help you unwind from the day, and help you remember what it’s like to relax and live.

Another plus side, expressing yourself through your music choices always makes you feel alive, dancing around to it helps too. So, whether it is playing your own playlist, or going down the street to some live music, get those tunes rolling.



Posted by Inertia Egypt on Monday, November 27, 2017


5- Laugh with Friends

Not only does laughing make us live longer, and healthier, it also helps us feel like life is worth living. Because without laughter in our lives, is it really worth it all?

Going out with friends, feeling connected and happy, along with the laughs that come along with it, is a great way to live and relax after work.

Just don’t think it’s going to calm you down for a good night’s rest, since it usually will make you hyper and too energized to sleep.


6- Grab a tasty treat

If you’re lucky enough to live near a great restaurant, or willing to make the trip to one, delicious meals have been known to bolster and lighten moods.


Remembering to Live in as many ways as possible in one place

Remember to Live is Inertia’s newest corporate campaign, showing off their new brand promise to the world.

Building on the company’s strategy of building comfort zones, the company aims to show off the way their compounds, and developments, have been selected and created specifically to be a safe and comfortable place to come back to at the end of a long day.

With their new brand promise, and campaign, the real estate company aims to reach a wide range of personalities through the diverse set of entertainment and activities within their properties.

Inertia’s portfolio of projects is filled with a dynamic set of properties, that have overlooking scenic vistas, and contain a warm and vibrant community. Allowing homeowners to come home from work, and have the perfect place to relax and finally live their lives.

Their newest campaign shows Inertia’s passion towards Human 2 Human communication, and truly creating places and properties for people.

Inertia currently has nine development projects in different parts of Egypt. Their portfolio consists of MediPoint Shikh Zayed and MediPoint Mena Plaza , West Hills, G-Cribs Phase, Joulz, Veranda, Soleya, Jefaira and Brix.

With their campaign’s tagline “What makes your life worthwhile?” Tell us what makes you feel alive after a long day?

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