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Rejected marriage proposal or, Cadbury viral campaign?

It took few hrs for wedding proposal fail to be on fire on Social Media includes Facebook and YouTube, because the content of the video is so provoking yet unexpected, A cleaner is seen mopping the floor in the background while a kiddy “choo-choo” train interrupts his wedding proposal spiel. If you focus a little you will notice this train moving with Cadbury logo with label [Not So Sweet]!

 The most epic failed wedding proposal ever: A man leads his girlfriend of three months to a central spot in a busy shopping mall (not sure where) and breaks into a prepared wedding speech, complete with musical accompaniment and band. Passers-by in the busy mall stop to watch the unfolding drama. And if you watch closely, you will see the phrase “Not So Sweet” printed on the train, which refers to Cadbury’s campaign title. Cadbury, kick started its latest campaign for a new range of chocolates called “Bournville”

Said one viewer:It’s a viral video. It’s spreading like fire. Probably fake because the mall is in Mumbai and the ending isn’t too convincing because Indian women either shy and accept the proposal or just don’t wait that longer. The beating with the guitar thing looks too filmy. Typical bollywood masala entertainer, which our audience wants. Some stage actors or students trying their hand to make a viral video.

The video has been making its rounds on Facebook since Thursday night and has got 1,766 Likes, 8,377 shares. This numbers are increasing and many versions of the video uploaded on different pages and on Youtube. The overall comments varied from funny to overrated as some stated: This video beats any Bollywood movie !

Love hurts but this will make u laugh 🙂

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