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Ramadan 2021: Here Are The Worst Adverts This Ramadan

In a previous article, we have stated that most of Ramadan adverts are impressive and successful but there are some that are a huge miss!

This Ramadan we have come across some adverts that can be categorized as the worst adverts of this season! They lack creativity, concept, and some even tried to be funny and ended up with zero sense of humor.

So, just like we discussed the best adverts of Ramadan and did a recap of the first week of Ramadan adverts, today, we will share with you the worst adverts of this season.



1- Cottonil

After last year’s epic fail, this year Cottonil failed miserably.

The brand released an advert collaborating with the famous Medhat Shalaby and the ‘Mahraganat’ singers Omar Kamal and Hassan Shakoush; the advert is just a huge failure!

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The brand collaborated with Kamal and Shakoush because they have been trending for a long time now. So, collaborating with them was because the brand trying to create a trend out of the advert’s song. Also, collaborating with Medhat Shalaby was an attempt at reviving the old trend that the brand created years ago.

The brand released more than one advert but all of them still followed the same path of failure.

We even came across some comments saying that this advert is so bad that they wish the brand didn’t release any! Ouch!


2- Dice

Dice is a competitor to Cottonil, and obviously, they also compete in the worst adverts category.

Dice released an advert that is supposed to be funny but it’s not. One of the adverts’ copies revolved around a man who talks in his sleep and wakes up saying what makes Dice a good brand. Another copy is inspired by the festivals’ interviews that revolve around a man is being asked about his outfit and its designer.

The advert is not creative and it doesn’t have any elements that can grab people’s attention. This is why we had to put it on our worst adverts list.


3- El-Karnak

El Karnak is pretty famous for the invention of its mix of oriental dessert “El Qonbela”.

The brand collaborated with another Mahraganat singer, Mahmoud El-leithy, and created a jingle for the advert. Most of the brand these days collaborates with Mahragant singers since they are the ones that dominate the industry currently.

El-Karnak was also an attempt to go viral but instead, it failed!


4- Beit El-Gomla

This is the very first time the supermarket launches a campaign with an advert.

The supermarket collaborated with the actor Os-os and launched a campaign to promote itself and its idea was about a mother who’s played by the actor and her son who’s also played by the actor!

The implementation is not done well, it’s not creative, and the sense of humor in the advert didn’t serve it well as the advert wasn’t funny.



5- Buffalo Burger

Buffalo Burger is one of the most famous restaurants and it released an advert this Ramadan but it wasn’t very successful.

The brand collaborated with the hilarious actor Eslam Ibrahim, and even though there were funny lines, the advert wasn’t much of a success. The idea isn’t really relevant to the product and again it didn’t have much creativity.

The campaign has two advert copies and the second copy was even worse than the first copy!


Which advert do you think can join this list of worst adverts?

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