Ramadan 2021’s Ads: First Week Recap

The first week of Ramadan has already passed and we have seen almost all of the adverts. We have to state again that this year’s adverts are better than last year’s, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all good. In fact, there are adverts that are a miss, this year!

So, just like every Ramadan, we will do a recap of this Ramadan’s successful adverts.


Telecom Operators Campaigns

Every Ramadan we get to be super excited to see what the telecom companies are preparing for us, and this year, we were truly surprised.



The number one network released one of the most beautiful adverts this year. The telecom brand collaborated with the beautiful icon Sherihan and brought her back to our screens for the first time after an absence that lasted over 20 years.

The advert tells her life story in a simple yet creative way and it reminds you of the beautiful 80s. When you see Sherihan and hear her singing voice, you will instantly remember her ‘Ramadan Fawazeer’.




Another emotional advert by Orange and the famous singer Hussein Al-Jasmi.

Orange this year collaborated again with Hussein Al-Jasmi and released an advert with a jingle. The advert shows how Ramadan is always different and cozy in Egypt and that it always brings us together. The 2 minutes advert shows how Egyptian behave in Ramadan and how the country always looks beautiful at this time.



We Telecom

We started its campaign before Ramadan to pave the way for Ramadan’s campaign; we have to say, it saved the best for the last.

When Ramadan started, the telecom company launched its Ramadan campaign and we have to say, it’s a really good one. The campaign collaborated with the hilarious actress Amy Samir Ghanem and her legendary father, Samir Ghanem.

The advert is funny and we loved every second of it.




Etisalat presented to us a collaboration that never happened before, the famous Nancy Ajram and the famous actor Amir Karara. The advert is full of graphics and fictional characters; overall, it’s fun to watch.

Also, it is number 39 in the YouTube trending.


The Banks’ Sector Campaigns

Not so long ago, the Egyptian banks started to promote themselves in a really creative way, and this year we spotted 3 adverts that we really liked.


Banque Misr

Just like every year, the bank released an advert with a song under the name of “I’m Possible” featuring the singers Mahmoud El Essili, Diab, and Medhat Saleh. The advert is motivational and inspires and urges Egyptians to follow their dream and achieve their goals.


Alex Bank

This is one of our favorite adverts this Ramadan.

Alex Bank collaborated with the legendary Mohamed Salah and released one of the funniest adverts ever. The bank is promoting the Liverpool bundle and we have to admit, the idea they’re promoting the bundle through is a very creative idea.


Egypt Post

Egypt post collaborated with the famous Mohamed Hamaki and released an advert that included a song under the name of “This’s The Time”.



Coca-Cola is bringing everyone together as always.

The brand released an advert encouraging people to get to know each other and get close to other people to build relationships. The brand collaborated with the famous band Cairokee as you can hear Amir Eid singing in the background, and also, the great footballers Shikabala and Afsha.

Coca-Cola’s campaign is under the name of ‘Make A Stranger A Friend’.


White Goods & Home Appliances Campaigns

Two brands are standing out this Ramadan and almost everyone loved their adverts.


Union Air

Union Air released its advert and everyone fell in love with it in a second. The brand is celebrating its 25 years journey through a beautiful advert. The brand collaborated with many celebrities, Malak Koura, Ahmed Dash, Asser Yassin, Amina Khalil, the iconic actress Essaad Youness and the iconic actor Mostafa Fahmy.

We can’t forget the main collaboration of the advert which is collaborating with the great singer Sherin, who sang an emotional song for the advert.



Fresh also released one of the sweetest and simple adverts with a cool jingle.

The brand collaborated with the actress Dina El-Sherbiny and the singer/actress Ruby; both of them are singing in the advert.

The advert was loved by almost all people as they expressed their admiration for Ruby.



Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector is also standing out with its adverts this year.



Palm Hills released an advert to promote its largest project ‘Badya’. The brand collaborated with the legend Amr Diab and the advert’s song was number one on Anghami.




Aside from the controversy that happened due to collaborating with Meryam Faris, the advert is still good and people loved Asser Yassin’s appearance and the advert’s jingle.



Not like last year, Madinaty has learned from its mistake.

This Ramadan, Madinaty collaborated with the famous singer Ragheb Alama to promote the project through a campaign under the name of ‘Life Is Good’. This is the first time we see Alama in a Ramadan advert and on the Egyptian screens.


Zed Development

Another fun advert and a jingle to promote Zed.

The real estate company collaborated with many celebrities like Karim Abdelaziz, Nelly Karim, Tara Emad, Hazem Imam, Mido, Sherin Reda, and many more. All of those celebrities sang together in the advert to promote Zed in fifth Settlement and in Al-Sheikh Zayed.


Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) Campaigns

NGOs always release adverts in Ramadan as it’s the perfect time to ask people to donate.


Magdy Yacoub Foundation

The foundation collaborated with the famous Tamer Hosny and launched its campaign under the name of ‘A New Chance’.


500 500 Hospital

This year’s 500 500 Hospital advert’s collaborated with the family and friend of the Egyptian military martyr Ahmed El-Mansy. His family and friends have donated to build a hospital ward under his name.


Tell us which of these adverts you liked the most, and what other adverts grabbed your attention.

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