Ramadan 2020

EBE Reshapes Its Identity to Help take The Banking Sector to a Whole New Level

We have been seeing many adverts these days since Ramadan started, as it is known to be the season of new campaigns and creative adverts. Brands always take this time to think outside the box to promote themselves and others work on rebranding their identity.

We have always been noticing that the banking sector is always releasing creative adverts accompanied by encouraging and positive soundtracks, which is a smart way to prove that creative advertisements can promote any business sector.

One of the banks that we have been noticing how it is evolving in the advertising world is EBE.


EBE’s New Persona

Since many banks are going in the creative direction with its campaigns and with promoting its main message, EBE has been going in the same direction.

The brand has been following a new marketing strategy that is allowing it to go fully creative in promoting itself and we have seen that in the adverts the bank release to promote offers or new policies.

EBE launched a new campaign that is completely different from what used to do, and it is going in parallel with the new branding strategy it is trying to achieve.


New Campaign, New Identity

EBE launched a campaign under the name and hashtag of رايحين_مع_بعض_لبكره# or “bridging together for tomorrow” and launched a new advertisement that tells a story of a man who went through many obstacles but didn’t give up and believed in tomorrow.

The advert is accompanied by a soundtrack, which its main message is that tomorrow is always better and it is a new beginning.

This is the first time we see EBE go in this direction of a marketing strategy and it is a smart move to keep up with the preferences of the audience. The bank didn’t want to follow the same old direction of advertising and longed for something creative, simple, and innovative.

The bank is rebranding itself and introducing a brand new persona to the market through this campaign and the song to be able to reach its customers and more future clients and it is on its way to achieving that since people already liked the advert and the song.

In order to achieve creativity and launch creative campaigns and adverts, the bank must have a marketing and management team that is open to creative ideas and want to leave a mark that will remain in people’s minds.

It is a huge step for the team to take to want to change the bank’s persona and positioning.

We are excited to see more of EBE as the bank is always eager to present creative campaigns.

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