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Rafi Barakat Campaign Secret Revealed

Users of Social Media in Egypt last week kept searching for the secret of an advertising campaign deployed in Cairo streets under the name of [Rafi Barakat] soon in Egypt, without any additional details about the owner of the name or the cause of promotion of the campaign, which bears his name.

Rafi Barakat Campaign Outdors Ads
Rafi Barakat Campaign Ads

The mystery surrounding the campaign raised Facebook & Twitter users curiosity, While the hashtag [#رافي_بركات] with nly 281 tweets did not trend on Twitter, Facebook gained 48,864 organic likes and many Facebook users kept asking on Rafi Barakat Facebook fan page about the secret behind the mysterious campaign!

Few days after the viral campaign launch, It was reported by Al Masry Al Youm that Amr Khaled behind the campaign as according GoDaddy domain reservations, domain registrant organization is Basmet Amal.


The day came to reveal the secret of this mysterious campaign, as declared by Dr. Amr Khaled to shed the light for his first novel entitled “A World Rafi Barakat,” which he described as a youth novel filled with adventure, excitement and ideas. Khalid said in a video posted on his personal channel on YouTube: “The novel is rich in imagination, enthusiasm and information, and will bring the readers a travel experience from Egypt to India on a journey filled with High-tech,” adding: “The novel mixed values” He pointed out it is his first novel ever.

In promoting the first novel by Amr Khaled, his team introduced a marketing method never been implemented  by any Egyptian writer before, where [Rafi Barakat] name promoted digitally and also using billboards deployed in streets of Cairo without any additional details about the nature of the name or the product behind [Rafi Barakat] name, and succeeded in raising the curiosity of users of social networking sites to push them to search for the secret of [Rafi Barakat].

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