Planning Your Next OOH Campaign? Here Are Examples Of How To Make It Creative

Launching an OOH (Out Of Home) campaign requires a lot of planning and high creativity as you are required to grab people’s attention to your campaign with its message in a few seconds.

We all have seen many billboards on the highway but few can be very creative and grab your attention. Many brands were able to pull off a creative OOH campaign and went viral while others launch OOH campaigns on regular basis but with no virality or without even being noticed.

So, if you are working on your next OOH campaign, here is how you can make it creative with some examples to inspire you.


1- Set Your Goal

Your OOH is a part of your overall marketing campaign so it should reflect the goal you want to achieve for your brand.

Why are you launching this OOH campaign? Your answer should be set as your goal. Any brand launches OOH campaigns to raise awareness, spread the word around its new product, or generate a call to action.

Set your goal so your OOH can achieve its purpose through achieving your goal.


2- Use A Creative Copy But Keep It Brief

Put in mind that your OOH will be seen for minutes or even seconds, so you need to make sure the viewers can get the message.

Don’t take this for granted, just because you need to create a short copy, doesn’t mean it’s easy. You have to make sure it’s simple and delivers your message in a couple of lines as the viewers will see it for only a minute or even less! As easy as you think it is, creating a short attention-grabbing copy takes a lot of effort and time.


3- Your Image Is Your Hero

You need to grab the viewer’s attention right away and there’s nothing better than a strong visual that can catch the eye.

The visual is the most important element in the campaign as it is the factor that will grab people’s attention and make them read the text. It has to be relevant to the brand, simple, convey your message, and be memorable.


4- Tell A Story

A story can give meaning to your message and can deliver it easily.

Your OOH can tell a story about your product or service, for example, if it solves a problem, covers needs, or triggers emotions to urge the viewer to take an action. Create a story about what you’re providing and implement it in a creative way, it can even take more than one billboard.

Don’t think small, having an OOH means you have a huge space, use it wisely.


5- Choose A Location That Serves Your Brand

Your chosen location needs to serve your brand.

For example, some food chains put their OOH campaign right before their branch to urge people to order especially if they’re traveling. You have to choose a location that can help your campaign go viral faster. Also, use a place that is known to have many people pass by or an essential road that most people take to go to work or go home.

Also, your OOH doesn’t always have to be just a billboard; some brand put their OOH campaigns on roaming buses to be seen everywhere.


6- Here Are Some Creative OOH Billboards

We got you some billboards to inspire you for your next OOH campaign.

In 2018, a Canadian agency named Cossette cropped the letter M in the shape of arrows directing the people to its branch. The campaign won The Outdoor Grand Prix at the 2018 Cannes Lions.


Here are more OOH campaigns to inspire you.


What is the most creative OOH campaign you’ve seen so far?

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