Ramadan 2020

Pepsi and Chipsy Collaborate with Egyptian Food Bank to Feed Millions of Egyptians

The spread of the Coronavirus had caused a lot of damage to the world and ended many careers. Since the only way to avoid getting infected by COVID-19 is by staying home, a lot of employees had lost their jobs and their only source of income, especially those who depend on day-to-day work.

Since Ramadan is here, families that depend on daily income are the ones to suffer the most, so, this is the best time to show solidarity and support to those who are in need.

Due to the recent circumstances of the spread of COVID-19 and how it is harming the Egyptian community, PepsiCo Egypt has been launching initiatives and social movements to support the community to overcome this crisis and Pepsi and Chipsy released a new campaign stating that instead of being together gathered at home, they will turn it into a gathering for a good cause to distribute 2,000,000 Iftar meals in collaboration with the Egyptian Food Bank to the families that lost their daily wages.

Pepsi and Chipsy to Feed Millions

Since the per diem labor in Egypt is on hold and millions are out of jobs, Pepsi and Chipsy are playing an important role in supporting those families that depend on day-to-day jobs.

The two mega brands Pepsi and Chipsy -supported by PepsiCo foundation- launched a campaign under the name of “Lamet El Kheir Hatfatar Malayeen” or “Gathering for Good to Feed Millions” in collaboration with the Egyptian Food Bank. The main purpose of the campaign is to support families whose daily income was affected by the pandemic. The campaign is pledging 1 Million Dollars to support the day-to-day Egyptian workers during Ramadan.

According to the statistics of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), the Egyptian daily labor force consists of more than 2 million workers and the purpose of this campaign is to support them and everyone else who is suffering due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Powered by the iconic Pepsi and Chipsy, the “Gathering for Good to Feed Millions” campaign is supported by PepsiCo Foundation, in collaboration with the Egyptian Food Bank. This initiative is part of the global campaign – Million Meals – Give Hope Give Food- launched by PepsiCo and its philanthropic arm, The PepsiCo Foundation, to reach the most vulnerable communities by providing food and other essential relief to those affected by COVID-19. Give Meals, Give Hope is one part of PepsiCo’s more than $45 million effort to fight hunger and distribute 50 million meals globally amid the health crisis.


Pepsi and Chipsy Are Urging Egyptians to Join The Cause

Since we are in Ramadan, which makes a perfect time for people to do good deeds and show solidarity, Pepsi and Chipsy want Egyptians to join this social movement to donate and support the community and families to win the fight against the crisis of COVID-19 with its consequences.

PepsiCo Egypt also encouraged its employees to join the cause by donating, where the PepsiCo Foundation will double match the employees’ donation.

The CEO of PepsiCo Egypt, Mohamed Shelbaya stated in PepsiCo’s first e-press conference that they sought to contribute to the crisis relief, therefore they powered the campaign, providing two million meals to the affected families.

Egyptians Are Drawing The Perfect Picture In Solidarity To The Whole World

We have been witnessing many initiatives by Egyptians to support others in times of crisis. In a statement by the CEO of The Egyptian Food Bank, Mohsen Sarhan, he clarified that they hope that “Supporting Daily Labor campaign reaches 8 million beneficiaries and that they are partnering with NGOs to reach the segment that suffers the most.

The CEO said, “Egyptians are raising the bar and setting a role model to the whole world through providing a testament of solidarity. We hope that the “Supporting Daily Labor” campaign reaches 8 million beneficiaries throughout its journey. The campaign started with a half-million target and now, with the support of our partners, we aim to break a record like no other.”


PepsiCo Egypt’s Initiatives Have Been Always Supporting The Egyptian Community 

PepsiCo Egypt has been a supportive member of the Egyptian community for over 70 years now; its main global strategy is “Winning with Purpose”.

This is not the only initiative from PepsiCo Egypt; the company adapted its longest-running CSV program “Tomooh” to support families during this tough time. “Tomooh” is an educational program that PepsiCo launched in collaboration with the World Food Program that aims to combat school, which targets reducing the number of school dropouts as well as fighting child malnutrition. PepsiCo increased the distribution of the monthly food packages in Al-Minya, Assiut, and Giza Governorates and added hygiene products and instructions for practices to the packages to promote families to maintain personal hygiene.

We believe that with initiatives like these, we will be able to pass this crisis as we always show solidarity in serious times of need.

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