Palma’s Period Kit Advert: Breaks The Taboo But Is It Serving The Product?

These days we are witnessing many women revolting against the oppressing society’s standards and traditions. In fact, there are many feminist platforms on social media that have been raising awareness regarding many topics about women’s health and rights.

Women’s health is one of the most important topics to discuss especially when it comes to their menstrual cycle; not many women had the proper education and awareness about their period and they always feel ashamed to even show their exhaustion.

We have been watching many adverts regarding this topic from brands like Always, but 3 days ago, we witnessed a new advert that discussed the menstrual cycle from a new different angle.


Palma Releases A Period Kit

Palma is an Egyptian fashion e-commerce brand that sells bags and luggage and always empowers women to wear what they want.

A few days ago, Palma launched a brand new advert promoting its first period kit. The advert is very attention-grabbing and has made a huge buzz among feminists, as they all loved the idea.

The idea is to encourage girls to speak up about their period and not to be ashamed they have it. In fact, many women have been struggling with this matter as society had imposed on them the immorality of speaking about the menstrual cycle.

Here comes the goal of the advert, which is to normalize talking about having a period. Also, having men part of the advert sends another powerful message that men shouldn’t consider this topic shameful.


The kit has very creative yet simple designs and they have catchy taglines to empower women like, Embrace Your Womanhood and GRL PWR, there are other lines on the pouches and cases like It’s Just A Period, and Vagina Things Inside.



The Positive Reactions And The Negative Ones

Some girls liked the advert while others expressed their disapproval.

Most of the girls loved the idea because this is the very first brand that discusses this idea bluntly, which is talking about the period with no shame! While other girls considered it as a private matter that shouldn’t be discussed openly.

A Facebook post written by Fatma Elsawy discussed the advert from a whole different angle, which is the price of the pouch itself that doesn’t serve the goal of the advert. The post stated that women need serious solutions to the problems they face during this time! Not all women have access to pads and that the country should treat menstrual products as necessary ones.

Frankly speaking, we can all agree that we need to normalize talking about the period and to raise awareness regarding it and regarding the problems that face women during it.

We can’t deny that the main goal of the advert is ethical as it is in the end revolves around women’s health, but does it actually serve the product?


The Relationship Between The Product And The Advert’s Message

Technically and marketing-wise, Palma is encouraging girls to openly talk about their period while giving them a pouch to hide their pads in!

The idea of providing a pouch to put your pad in contracts with the message of the advert! Even if the designs on the pouch and the rest of the products are all about the period but are they noticeable enough?

It is appreciated that the brand is trying to raise awareness but this topic specifically needs more than just encouraging girls to talk! Palma is encouraging girls to talk about their period, but the question here is, how and why?

The advert needed to tackle this matter in a deeper way, for example, girls should talk about their period to share experiences to be able to change the society; sharing experiences and discussing what exactly happens in this time can have a positive effect on the whole community and might change some people’s perspective.

Many women have expressed their opinions that they need companies to provide days off for those who have their period, and for public bathrooms to provide women with pads in case of urgent use.

Even though the advert needed to be deeper, we can say that it is trying to spark the very first flame that will encourage other brands to raise more awareness.

Share with us your opinion about the advert; were you pro the idea or you were against it?

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