Orange hits again on the trend and launches its own version of “la2”

Orange hit gold last year with Abo Hafeza’s viral ad, and it seems that the telecommunications service provider is aiming to hit that mark yet again for the new year.

Orange has recently released their newest package, GO, along with this gem of an ad.

Staring Ahmed Amin, the ad uses another very popular song among the youth.


La2 La2 plays as a great background for Orange’s fun and witty ad, in which Amin cannot come to terms with his bundle ending.

He laments the loss of his internet by complaining about the things he could be missing, from his Whatsapp groups to losing his GPS.

Social Media Reaction:

The ad is light hearted, fun, and easy to remember, another golden hit from Orange.

Is this song going to match with one of last year’s most memorable ad? Will we be singing it throughout the year?

Only time will tell, and you will too. So, let us know in the comments if you think it’ll be memorable by December!

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