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Orange Egypt Tops All MENA Brands and Hit Unprecedented Global Ranking

The year 2020 earned the title of the hardest and strangest year of our time as it ruined every individual’s and business’s plan. The fact that everything turned upside down right before the holy month of Ramadan, made a huge mess in the advertising field; a new norm was imposed and every brand had to adapt to the situation and come up with a brand new plan and idea to fit the circumstances.

In Ramadan 2020, we have witnessed many adverts that achieved huge success and huge virality. One of these adverts went beyond just a successful and viral advert; this advert belongs to Orange Egypt.


Sunnet El Hayah Joins Most Viewed Ads List On YouTube

If you remember Ramadan’s 2020 adverts, then you definitely remember Orange’s campaign, “Sunnet El Hayah”.

“Sunnet El Hayah” was acknowledged by Google and it was included on the YouTube list of The 10 Most Viewed Ads on YouTube; in fact, the brand came in second place globally and it is the only brand in Egypt and the Middle East that reached the Global leaderboard’s list that celebrates the most popular adverts.


The Only Brand In Egypt and The MENA

Orange Egypt is one of the brands that has been doing a lot of effort in launching creative campaigns.

There’s no denying that every Ramadan, the telecom company launches an advert that grabs the attention of all the viewers and always wins people’s admiration. The success of “Sunnet El Hayah” isn’t just represented in the numbers but also in Orange being the only brand in Egypt and the MENA that has one of the most viewed adverts globally.

Orange Egypt being ranked as the second globally makes it ahead of global giant brands like Apple, Nike, and Amazon. In fact, Amazon came third, Nike came fifth, and Apply came ninth.

This is not just an achievement for Orange; in fact, it is an achievement for all Egyptian brands and advertisers as Orange represents Egypt and the whole MENA region Advertising and Media Industry in this list.


How The Advert Made The List

The advert so far has achieved huge numbers and with this celebration, we expect it to gain more.

“Sunnet El Hayah” has over 78MM+ views on YouTube, over 295K Likes, and over 11.6K comments. It was also stated that the advert made the list based on an algorithm that considers organic views and audience retention.

Views, that's a lot of people
Likes, some even loved it!
Comments, and what they had to say!

Orange Egypt has set the bar higher for other brands and advertising agencies to join the list in the upcoming years. With this news and celebration, we expect the next season will be full of creative adverts that will capture our hearts just like Orange did.


Why The Advert Gained Million of Views

The advert back then had actually made a huge buzz all over social media and all people agreed that it is one of the best they had ever seen especially during this tough time. It, in fact, triggered people’s emotions as almost everyone could relate to the message the advert was trying to deliver.

Triggering emotions and relevancy are the two main factors that made the audience love it.

We can’t wait to see more from Orange Egypt and we wonder which brand will join the list next year.

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