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Orange Egypt Launches “Ghaneely” Mobile App for All Colors Of Music

The ultimate brand strategies always focus on how to determine target audiences interest and develop plans to serve them desirable content that eventually will build up the biggest possible consumer base.

Throwback ➤ Amr Diab Boosting Ghaneely from Mobinil

Music is an effective millennial marketing tool and also considered as an elixir of life for many people. It reaches into the hearts and minds of every human being all over the planet, universal language that unites people all over the world, no matter what your mother tongue is, beliefs or race. Music can connect all sorts of people together.

Music as a Marketing Tool:

“Music can be thought of as a type of perceptual illusion, much the same way in which a collage is perceived. The brain imposes structure and order on a sequence of sounds that, in effect, creates an entirely new system of meaning.” (

Music is an emotional touch point for millennials. This fact explains why brands like Coke started Coke Studio idea in 2008 in Pakistan where it quickly became a cultural institution and inspired an international franchise rooted in musical and cultural fusion.

Several studies have revealed music has a link with our memory. Not surprisingly, Red Bull in 2010 founded Red Bull Sound Clash as a unique musical confrontation concept that puts two bands, one from each nation, against each other to compete for the affection of the crowd.

Orange Egypt’s Ghaneely Mobile App:

There are more than forty different  music genres that ranges from “Blues, R&B, Rock to Mahraganat and Oldies”, with countless sub-categories, each sub-genre has its unique appeal to their fans. With this vast amount of music options, you can see why it can be quite challenging when promoting a music mobile application, to deliver your message across all this preferences and tastes.

Well, other than the typical way of just promoting the application’s featured artists and features of “already programmed playlists.”. This is what we were used to up until yesterday!

Orange Egypt, just launched “Ghaneely” new digital campaign, a very well designed dance choreography in a different settings, without soundtrack and the voice over directs people to website to choose and listen to the advert with their own combination soundtrack.

The new approach by Orange is giving it’s users the choice of soundtrack of the advert is left to the audiences to choose from and watch it with. You can choose from POP (Elissa’s Omry Ebtada), Sha3by (Mostafa Hagag’s Ya Mnana3), 90’s music (Mostafa Amar’s Dobt F Dabadeebo), Mahraganat (Mahraganat -Esoud el Ard) or English song.

The catch:

The dancing choreography is changing every second, so it can fit in with every type of music the audience chooses. So let’s say you choose the English song when they were dancing in a Mahragan way, the next move they make will perfectly fit the English song and so on.

And the interesting part about Ghaneely, its not just about the listed songs by Orange, did you try this?

Orange Egypt gave their audience the chance to decide for themselves and be free with how they previewed the advert, the aim of this, is that they targeted all their audiences music tastes.

In a consumer-driven media age, giving your audience the opportunity to participate or improvise in a campaign in such creative way by developing one platform that can serve all colors of music is a definite win/win and it is very clear in people’s response on social media. In less than 24 hours, 17937 viewed the advert on and it was shared 791 times.

If businesses want to stay ahead, they need to get creative with their promotional strategies. Orange Egypt changing the normal perspective of the default music mobile applications, it is not what the application will offer you, it turned it to “Whatever you prefer and looking for, you will find”.

Did you ever imagine that Orange advert dancing choreography would exactly fit Captain Majid ORIGINAL opening theme song! try this one…

Ghaneely Mobile App launch campaign delivered the message that no matter what your taste in music might be, Ghaneely’s mobile application will fit into your mood.

Overall; the campaign showcase how Orange Egypt used a very creative approach to launch a new mobile app covering the widest array of audience interest and reinforce the brand ability to understand what audience are passionate about while keeping up with changing trends in the industry.

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