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OLX celebrates a decade of success in online classifieds

OLX, the world’s leading online classifieds platform operating in high-growth markets across the world, is celebrating 10 years of connecting millions of buyers and sellers of second-hand goods. With more than 1.7 billion monthly visits to its sites and apps globally, OLX is among the top online global consumer brands by audience. Since its initial launch in Argentina in 2006, OLX has grown globally to become the #1 online classifieds platform in high-growth markets across Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe including leading positions in markets such as India, Poland, Ukraine, Colombia, Indonesia, Brazil, Portugal and more.

With OLX, everybody wins:

Buyers win with access to great deals on a huge selection of items

Sellers win by being able to turn items that no longer fit their lives into cash (everything sells)

Local Communities win with local trade and economic value staying within the local community

The Environment wins, as second-hand items receive new life reducing waste, disposal and saving the energy required for producing new goods

OLX is an exciting and diverse marketplace that is home to a global community of buyers and sellers:

  • There are 54 million new listings per month across OLX sites and mobile apps globally
  • OLX is the #1 app in more than 20 countries. Google PlayStore #1 shopping/lifestyle categories app in more than 20 countries (2016)
  • Every single second on average, three houses and two cars are listed for sale on OLX globally
  • OLX Egypt witnessed an 82% growth in the number of visits to its platforms, 65% increase in the monthly active users and 62% growth in the number of listings across all categories in the period between January and June 2016 as compared to the last six months of 2015 (July to December 2015)
  • EGP 4.2 Billion is the total combined value of the secondhand items listed on OLX Egypt for the period of January-June 2016
  • OLX Egypt has now over 4 million monthly active users on its platforms, and their browsing sessions last 21 minutes on average.

Momtaz Moussa, General Manager of OLX Egypt says: “While OLX has only been around in Egypt since August 2015, the year 2016 marks a special milestone for us as a global brand. For 10 years, OLX has empowered millions of people across the world by helping them to connect to buy and sell goods and services. OLX has grown from an idea in Argentina in 2006 to a global online community of local people coming together to trade.

Over the past decade dubizzle has built an online brand in the Middle East. In August 2015, dubizzle became part of the Global OLX group, and the name was rebranded. This step is a testament to the amazing decade dubizzle had in this region, a success that has reached new levels, being globally recognized as part of the OLX family. The objective of becoming an OLX company is to stay connected with and become part of the world’s leading network of online classifieds platforms. Already millions of people around the world have used OLX to sell their things within local communities in places like India, Brazil, Portugal and now the Middle East.

From selling an old mobile phone to pay for a newer model, to getting a great deal on a baby stroller. OLX helps you find the item of your dreams, or sell something that someone else needs to achieve theirs. OLX sites also play host to amazing opportunities – people have secured jobs, friends and new lifestyles by joining the OLX community.

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