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It’s official: Google’s Pixel phones will be unveiled on 4 October #madebygoogle

Google has officially confirmed that it is holding an event on 4 October. The company is advertising its event under the slogan “Made by Google”, which fuels existing rumours about the company ditching the Nexus brand.

Google will reportedly ditch the Nexus brand when it unveils its 2016 flagship smartphones under the Pixel brand. These phones are thought to be called Pixel and Pixel XL, and they will be manufactured by HTC. The Pixel will be the smaller of the two devices, featuring a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080, while the Pixel XL will sport a 5.5-inch Quad HD AMOLED display.

The company recently invited the media to a press event scheduled for 4 October in San Francisco. At the same time, it posted a video to Twitter that showed a traditional Google search bar morphing into a smartphone shape. The shape looks like the Pixel and Pixel XL, which are rumoured to be Google’s upcoming flagships meant to showcase Android.

Now Google is doing a bit of teasing for 4 Oct. event as spotted by a redditor in New York City.

Google just launched a Twitter campaign with a hashtag #MadeByGoogle. The tech titan also released a short commercial that shows a search engine box that transformed into the shape of a smartphone. It is placed between “Oct 4” on the left side and the “G” logo on the right side. There is no further detail but judging from the morph, the viewers quickly assume it as Google Nexus Phone 2016, the Pixel and Pixel XL.

It’s official: Pixel and Pixel XL are coming real soon! Google just released a short video of what’s believed to introduce the two Nexus Phones. Here’s everything we know so far:

Also, both phones will most certainly run the latest version of Android Nougat, which adds support for Google’s Daydream VR platform. You also can be the first to meet the newest member of the Google family by following this link

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