Nile Radio Productions reduces advertisement fees on its Nogoum and Nile FM channels as part of the “People’s Orders” campaign

Nile Radio Productions announces its participation in the “People’s Order” campaign by reducing advertisement fees on Nogoum and Nile FM stations and Nogoum TV for the companies who have publically announced their participation in the campaign.

Hala Hegazi, Managing Director of Nile Radio Productions, made a statement saying that the participation is driven by a patriotic duty because, in the end, it is all in the favor of the Egyptian citizens and raising the society as a whole, and that the reduction in advertisement fees for the companies participating in the campaign was necessary in helping those companies advertise about the products the Egyptian citizen needs

“Nogoum and Nile FM will not delay on their participation in any national incident that impacts the Egyptian society and works on thriving it” added Hala.

The advertisement fees reductions have been designed as follows: 25% on Nogoum FM, 30% on Nile FM, and 40% on Nogoum FM TV.

About Nile Radio Productions (NRP)

Established in 2003, Nile Radio Productions (NRP) is the home of NogoumFM 100.6 and NileFM 104.2 – Egypt’s first and leading hit Arabic and Radio music radio stations!

In 2012, NRP decided to add to its incredible audio portfolio two music record labels, Nogoum Records and NRP Music, and in only two years, Nile Radio Productions launched many albums, including albums for Egyptian and Middle Eastern sensations Mohamed Hamaki and Sherine Abdel-Wahab.

Ever since Nile Radio Productions launch, NRP have maintained its position as market and industry leader in anything audio related and today Nile Radio Productions (NRP) is regionally recognized as an audio production powerhouse.

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