Watch Nike advert released in 2012 that spot 2032 Olympics in Cairo

In 1985, Nike gave Jordan and his signature line of sneakers and apparel a unique logo. Air Jordan is a brand of basketball footwear and athletic clothing produced by Nike, Inc. and endorsed and created for Chicago Bulls basketball player Michael Jordan. The original Air Jordan I sneaker, produced for Jordan in 1984, were released to the public in 1985.

Back in 2012, Nike released an advertising spotlight around London Olympics despite not being an actual Olympic sponsor.  The advert titled “This Is Where It Starts” follows two young basketball phenoms as they excel through college and become star players in the 2032 Olympics (Looking Forward to 2032 Olympics being played in Cairo, Egypt).

At the very least, we can draw some conclusions about the 2032 Olympics taking place in Cairo, As Nike suggesting Egypt is a fairly prosperous and successful country twenty years from the date of advert launch.

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