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Networking on Vacation; keeping the business alive at the pool

Another Eid vacation is upon us, and most of us are planning for a getaway at Sahel, Sharm or even just at nearby Sokhna. Dreams of sitting by the pool or beach, sipping on a nice glass of something cold, and melting into your seat can be amazing, but did you know you can do all of that while still helping out your business?

Yes, you can.

Networking isn’t only for the office, meetings and corporate/industry conferences. It’s not only available for when you’re in a suit and tie either, or a nice blazer and skinny jeans.

Here are 5 tips on how to easily network on vacation.


Letting people know

Not many of us realize that there is an “out of office” signature we can use on our emails. (and if you did, well done!)

These special out of office messages are automatically sent to people who are sending you emails, letting them know you won’t be answering until later. For Gmail users, here is a guide.

Let people know when you’ll be back and where you’ll be going. No need for specifics like your hotel, but letting people know what city you’ll be in will help them with the next step.

In your out of office message, you can also ask if anyone would like to meet up there, or have suggestions for places to go. You may want to at least keep an eye out for these notifications, so shutting off your email won’t be on your list of vacations do’s.

This provides you with a chance to either meet, or connect online, with people outside of a business setting.

A relaxing atmosphere can grow more than just a new relationship, but it can build trust and friendship which can be helpful later on.


Connecting with people you’ve forgotten

Sometimes the best network is that one you’ve gained years back during the school years, but haven’t really gotten in touch with.

Email, Facebook message or call old friends and acquaintances you know are in the area you’ll be going to. Check Facebook’s “nearby friends” system to help you out, or write a status on your favorite social platform about where you are and see if anyone is around.


Connecting with family

Family vacations aren’t only filled with loud small children, or your grandma complaining about prices.

Meeting your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents should be treated like meeting with acquaintances. These are the people who can suggest you and your business to others they know, helping you reach a wider audience through a trusted evangelist.

An evangelist is someone who will help convert people to your cause or business, who love you or your business enough to always talk about it to other people.

Your family already have your back in life, so why not in business?


Attend events or group activities

Whether you love water sports, snorkeling, hiking or having a volleyball game on the beach, you can always meet like-minded people.

And fun activities provide a great atmosphere for bonding and embracing other people’s company.

Talk and joke around at the next buffet line or even on the line to pick up towels. All are opportune moments to meet and connect with someone new.


Get Digital

As mentioned earlier, you can use Facebook and other social platforms to connect with people you already know.

Get even more digital and branch out further.

Write reviews on Google, Facebook, or even trip advisor. Connect with others who are interested in where you’ve been, or even connect with people who have been where you’re going.

You already have some common ground, why not use it?

Check in on Twitter and other platforms, and let your followers know you may be nearby. Let them suggest things to you, and maybe suggest a meetup.

As movie stars always say, it’s nice to meet a fan/follower.

Remember to use hashtags, discover others you would like to meet and work with. Maybe you’ll find a CEO you’ve been looking forward to meet is going to be in the same area as you, all by looking through hashtags, geotags and social posts.


What are you doing this Eid el Adha? Let us know in the comments below.

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