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“Nestlé Egypt” Reaffirms its Commitment to the Egyptian Market

Following the allegations published today in the press, Nestlé confirms its full commitment to maintaining operations in Egypt in line with its long-term strategy and the potential that the Egyptian market presents given the government’s serious steps towards development and stability.

Nestlé Egypt CEO and Chairman, Yasser Abdul Malak stated: “Nestlé has been delighting consumers in Egypt since 1870 and we have strong roots in the country where we have long been an integral part of the local community. Over the past 4 years, Nestlé Egypt has invested close to 1 Billion EGP behind manufacturing & distribution facilities in addition to skill development.” He also added: “We are committed to grow our operations & to continue investments in Egypt as a strategic market in the region. We will continue to focus on serving our consumers & customers as well as continuing to provide the best possible work environment for our employees.”

Over its long history in the market, Nestlé in Egypt has grown to more than 6500 employees in 9 business units and 3 factories dedicated to the manufacturing of dry goods, ice cream and water products. Nestlé reaffirms its long-term commitment to the Egyptian market and to Egyptian consumers.

About Nestlé Egypt:
Nestlé Egypt is owned by Nestlé S.A in Switzerland. It is the largest foods and health company worldwide. It started operation in Africa at the end of the 19th in 1927 with the opening its first factory in South Africa. Today, Nestlé operates 27 factories in Africa providing direct employment to more than 16.000 employees. In the Arab World; North Africa and the Middle East, it operates 10 factories with total employment of 11.000. In Egypt, it operates 3 factories.

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