Here are some tips to consider for hiring during COVID-19 pandemic

Owning a private business is a huge responsibility without a doubt, you have to maintain its success and you have to always keep it on the right track, and with these days’ circumstances, it is becoming hard for any business to do so.

The reason behind every successful company is its employees, especially in this crisis we are all going through, if your business survived then your employees are one of the main reasons for its survival.

Therefore it is important to go through a perfect process when you’re about to hire a candidate; you have to consider some factors and qualifications in order to be sure that you will have a perfect and complete team and put in mind that the spread of COVID-19 and the lockdown has made little changes in the hiring process.


1- Location, Location, Location

Since we’re all in quarantine and working from home, you will find that candidates don’t care about your company’s location, which is a mistake. You have to make sure that your candidate is ok with your company’s location and is accessible to them, so when it’s time to work from the office comes, they can be there and won’t resign due to the distance between the office and their home.


2- Are They Experienced Enough?

When hiring a new candidate, you have to consider in the hiring process is their experience. If the candidates have the required experience and own a perfect resume, then they will be the perfect match for your vacancy. If they lack experience or non-experienced then you might want to reconsider the hiring.

If you have the time to teach, then hiring a non-experienced candidate is not a problem especially if they have great potentials.


3- Passion and Commitment

These two are important factors in an employee. Passion drives to success and achieving goals and commitment makes a person dedicated to their dreams and job. If a candidate has these two then they are perfect for the job.

Every company needs these two factors especially these days to overcome this worldwide crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition, passionate employees will work hard to prove themselves and you need this type of employee, as they will lead your business towards success.


4- Ask the Right Interview Questions

The interview is the first impression of the candidate that you will get. The first meet is the one to determine the skills that they have. You will be able to determine if they are passionate, have potentials, experienced enough, and fit the vacancy or not.

Through the interview, you will learn more about the employee; therefore, you have to ask the right questions that will reveal all of the previous qualities. You don’t want to just ask about their work history and portfolio but ask questions to know more about their personality and skills.


5- Test before You Hire

With all the proven work experience, you might want to see how the future employee would handle a task. Therefore, before you go with the hiring process and sending the job offer, you can try giving the candidate a task to see how they will nail it, just to make sure you are making the right decision.


6- Choose Employees Who Will Fit In Your Culture

Every company has its own culture, this is why sometimes employees can’t fit in or struggle with the work environment.

If your company’s work environment is friendly and social then you might want to make sure that your candidate is extrovert and outgoing, someone who knows how to communicate with his fellow workers especially if the vacancy requires teamwork, then your candidate has to be a team player.

If your company is a strict one and based on individual roles then you would better go for someone who prefers working alone.


Always remember when you are hiring employees that you are building a family, not just a company. You have to be picky and you have to choose the right people who will add to the company and will help it grow.

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