Myers Briggs Personality Types At Work: Which One Are You? [Part 1]

Have you ever heard of the Myers-Briggs personality type?
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (IMBT) is a test anyone can take to find out their personality type and its characteristics. There are 16 personality types each one can tell a lot about you as a person and how you pursue your career.

So, today we will tell you about the Myers Briggs personality type as employees. This is the first part of the article, which will include 8 types and we will create part 2 to include the other 8 types.

First of all, you need to take the test from here to find out which type are you and then check our article.


4 Main Myers-Briggs Personality Types

The first thing you need to know is that there are 4 main types of The Myers Briggs Personality, Extroversion and Introversion (E/I), Sensibility and Intuition (S/N), Logic and Emotion (T/F), and Judgement and Perception (J/P).


Extroversion and Introversion (E/I)

Every personality type starts with either “E” or “I”. If you identify yourself as an extrovert then you’ll be an “E” and if you’re an introvert you’ll be an “I”. If you don’t know then your answers will be the base of the results of whether E or I.


Sensibility and Intuition (S/N)

The second letter is either “S” or “N.’ People who get “S” use direct evidence and data to process information while “N” people tend to learn through their instincts.


Thinking and Feeling (T/F)

Your third letter will be either “T” or “F”. People who get a “T” in their results tend to depend on and trust logic when it comes to making decisions. As for F people, they let their emotions interfere in their decision-making process and they are guided by their feelings.


Judgment and Perception (J/P)

The fourth letter is either “J” or “P”. If you got J, it means you’re a judging person and put priority on your plans. If you got a “P”, then you tend to be adaptable.


Here Are The First 8 Personality Types,

ENFP (Extraversion Intuition Feeling Perceiving)

They’re excellent team players and work well in groups.

They also prefer to make their own plans and find solutions on their own and tend to passionately defend them. They usually prefer assessing a situation or a proposal’s emotional appeal rather than assessing its logical value.


ENFJ (Extraversion Intuition Feeling Judging)

This type of employee is an extrovert, they are able to engage and make friends in any work environment and they can work well with a team. They also have a strong connection with their feelings and surroundings yet they prefer to work in a place that has guidelines and a system.

Since this type of employee tends to work in a structured workplace, they can work as teachers or managers. ENFJ employees are also loyal and empathetic.


ENTP (Extraversion Intuition Thinking Perceiving)

Employees who are ENTP type of personality are extroverted and highly analytical.

This type also shines and develops in a work environment where they have the freedom to find alternative courses to action as they love finding creative solutions. They also tend to depend on logic than emotions to help them analyze information and identify new approaches.

ENTP can be a perfect fit for any analytical job or goal-oriented project.


ENTJ (Extraversion Intuition Thinking Judging)

ENTJ people are creative and know how to create innovative approaches and find innovative solutions.

When it comes to tasks, they depend on logic and structure, which makes them right on schedule. Also, they tend to be a perfect fit for leading positions in a creative field.


ESFP (Extraversion Sensing Feeling Perceiving)

ESFP employees are extroverts, they can lead discussions and give presentations in front of a large audience; they also prefer working in a flexible environment.

Some ESFP people can be performers as they are comfortable with being surrounded by people; they’re also connected to their emotions and can summon these feelings to help them give an amazing performance.


ESFJ (Extraversion Sensing Feeling Judging)

ESFJ employees are detailed oriented and prefer to work in a job that has responsibilities and procedures.

They also prefer to work in a field that allows them to connect with people’s emotions and understand and respond to their needs as they are good listeners and help others to solve their problems. This is why these types of people work in the medical field or any field related to service.


ESTP (Extraversion Sensing Thinking Perceiving)

ESTP employees tend to be analytical as they like analyzing data and facts and they also work well in a team. They can be creative and can thrive in a work environment that allows them to be innovative and creative; they also like to gather information and apply them to come up with new methods.


ESTJ (Extraversion Sensing Thinking Judging)

This type of personality is an extrovert; employees who are ESTJ can work well with others and can work well with the company’s guidelines, which makes them a perfect fit for a managerial position.

What also makes them a good fit for being a manager or a supervisor is their preference for orders and rules, which help them keep their team within the company’s rules and regulations.


If you are one of the previous 8 types, tell us which one, and if you’re not, wait for part 2.

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