Mr & Mrs Wagdy promoting wellness by encouraging physical activity and healthy diets

There are too many wrong habits that people have been following for a really long time when it comes to their health. For this matter, the Ministry of health has released a new campaign through its initiative “100 Million Seha” to spread the awareness of the wrong life style people have been leading and to replace it with a healthy one.

The campaign includes four adverts of four popular wrong life styles or four “phenomena” as they called it, that people follow. All of the adverts are so relatable especially the one with the old man and his wife, this one has touched almost everyone’s heart!

Mr and Mrs Wagdy

The advert starts with an old married couple discussing their life and eating habits and that they already had done so much activities that it is time to rest in their house all day and watch TV.

The advert ends with promoting a healthy life style for old people and that they should take care of their health and start eating healthy. The delivered message from this commercial is to remove the concept of “Too Old to Do This” and that you should still do activities even if you are old to keep your body and health safe.

Since the campaign doesn’t have a specific target audience and its aim is to spread the awareness among the whole Egyptian people, this advert had served the purpose.

One of the most famous trends on social media is how an old couple treat each other, most of the videos that tackle this specific matter, always go viral which is why the advert’s idea served it well.

Having old couple sharing memories and their habits along with a romantic line from the husband touched the hearts of people. Therefore, with this Advert, they didn’t only deliver their message to elder but also to the young audience since they are the ones who loved it the most

Campaign Discussing More Wrong Habits

As for the rest of the campaign, it discussed more wrong habits and traditions; including life after marriage and how it is common for men to gain weight after marriage.

The campaign also included the pregnant women and the life style they lead of always staying at home and eating non-healthy food or whatever they crave.

The last one they released was targeting the young audience who are social media addicts and gamers. The commercial’s message focused on those who always eat junk food or don’t eat at all to advise them to replace these unhealthy habits and healthy ones.

We love how the campaign reached every type of their target audience by just one advert. We need more of this type of awareness as the adverts are tackling an important and real issue that we are all facing.

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