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Mountain View’s Heartwork Powers the 1st Virtual Edition of the Creative Industry Summit

With The Creative Industry Summit launching its first virtual edition, Heartwork is welcoming its community of leading creatives and global businesses to two days of unique content. Streamed live from Mountain View’s HQ, the first happy business building in Egypt, the event tackled many important topics addressing the community’s needs.

Heartwork Brings the Creative Industry Summit to its Community

Mountain View has been proving its innovation and uniqueness in the real estate market over the years; the company is always looking to enhance its work environment and community according to international standards.

Last year Mountain View went viral on all social media platforms for bringing the perfect work environment to Egypt by launching its new project Heartwork.

What You Need to Know about Heartwork

Heartwork is a project by the famous real estate company Mountain View and is the first international happy business hub in the Middle East. In this project, Mountain View unleashed its creativity and broke all the norms of the ordinary workspaces. In a collaboration with, US based, Delivering Happiness (DH) and Callison RTKL, Heartwork utilize a mix of the science of happiness and design to improve employee productivity and creativity.

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Accordingly, statistics show that 83% of employees suffer from work related stress, which causes employees to miss work more frequently. In contrast, when happiness is implemented in the workplace, an improvement in employees’ performance has been evident leading up to a 37% increase in the number of sales as well as a decrease in employees not showing up for work.

Heartwork, a Haven for Creatives

With a smart masterplan, the project equally offers office units suitable for small, medium and large enterprises. The gated international business hub also provides accessibility to a diversity of facilities including an artistic “Mind flow Fountain”, a distinctive fountain in the middle of a prime location within the project, in addition to the “Innovation Square”, “Inspiration Boulevard”, and “Creative Canvas” – enabling the employees to become more productive, positive, work-oriented and creatively self-expressive.

In parallel, Heartwork aims to be the ideal place to produce creative output due to its young, dynamic and trendy environment. Therefore, it is designed to harbor different districts. The Innovation and Design district is tailored to attract advertising and media agencies, design firms, architects, fashion designers and all those who work in the creative industry.

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