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Mountain View Shares Its Secret Of Happiness This Ramadan

This season of Ramadan adverts didn’t witness controversial adverts like last season. In fact, as we said before, most of the adverts this year are creative and we can see the huge effort put into them.

One of the adverts that stood out in spreading happiness, values, and family bonding is Mountain View’s advert. It is one of the adverts that depended on the emotional factor and how families and neighbors always stick together.

The advert carries so many hidden messages and we will discuss each one of them.


The Secret Of Happiness

Mountain View this year is sharing with us the secret of happiness.

The prominent real estate company released its Ramadan campaign with an advert under the name of ‘The Secret of Happiness’; and we have noticed that it triggers the viewers’ emotions. The brand collaborated with the famous singer Hussein Al-Jasmi and created a very happy and emotional song.

The song and the advert went extremely viral and became a trend as almost all people, including celebrities and influencers use it in their stories and videos on social media platforms to describe their happy moments in Ramadan.

We have to praise Mountain View for choosing Al-Jasmi since almost everyone can agree that he has one of the unique voices that can deliver the meaning of a song.

As for the advert itself, it is fun to watch from beginning to end as it has many beautiful sceneries and we can see the journey of families and their kids.


Hidden Messages In The Advert

The brand wanted to spread feelings of happiness, success, and goodness.

We can spot these three elements inside the advert; for example, happiness can be spotted in the family bond. Mountain View wanted to give the viewer an idea of how fun life can be when you bond with your kids and neighbors. This is shown in how the families gather for a movie night while kids play cards instead of being on their phones and also, in how kids are biking and leaving their iPads behind.

We can also spot this special and strong bond in the way they spend time together by traveling to North Coast. The brand wanted to revive the old North Coast days when people spent quality time without the interference of technology and using phones all the time.

Success can be found in the advert when kids were counting the money they earned from selling lemonade in North Coast.  The brand showcased how it can help to raise independent kids. Mountain View can provide an environment that teaches kids important skills that will enable them to face life in the future. It also teaches them how to be compassionate and do good; this was represented in how the kids and their families share food with the security guards.


What The Brand Stands For

We can see from the advert that what Mountain View cares about is spreading happiness and creates a bond between people.

The brand believes in certain values and it showcased them all in the advert as it wasn’t promoting its units, it was promoting happiness that can be found in every house as long as families and neighbors stick together.


Success Is In Numbers

Since the advert and its song are both emotional, it grabbed the attention of millions of people.

The advert has 18M views on Mountain View’s official Facebook page, 15K shares, and over 125K reacts while on YouTube, the advert has over 2.5M views. The comments on the advert are all positive and agreeing that the advert is beautiful and that they can’t stop listening to the song.


Mountain View has topped itself this Ramadan with this advert and we can’t wait to see more of the brand.

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