Mountain View Creates A New Emotional Campaign From Real Stories

Different circumstances require an innovative solution. We’ve reviewed the ideas, insights, and best practices from Mountain View Innovation Studio initiative that started with a native campaign that made people ask who is behind this campaign then moved to the second phase by launching a digital hub for sharing and co-creating ideas and solutions to inspire everyone.

Real Human Stories During Quarantine

Many people tried different things during their quarantine time at home and many of them tried to lead a healthy lifestyle. The free time made us discover our hidden talents and even develop new lifestyle more oriented towards home and family.

The leading real estate company Mountain View has launched a campaign under the title and hashtag بقى_العادي_بتاعنا# or in English ‘The New Norm’.

The campaign’s objective is revolving around creating more positive vibes and showcase the new habits we developed during the quarantine to become a part of our new lifestyle.

The company collaborated with many famous names like the actress Ola Roshdy, Mariam El-Khosht, TV and Radio Presenter Sherif Nour-Eldin, and many others to share with their fans how they changed and what they learned during the quarantine.

Both of Ola Roshdy and Sherif Nour-Eldin asserted on the same part, they both bonded with their family and friends during the quarantine. Quarantine gave them the time to deepen their relationships and they became closer to their family and friends.

One of the names that Mountain View collaborated with is Yogi Farah Nofal to share with people how she kept her daily workouts and yoga sessions.

Mountain View also collaborated with the entrepreneur Mohamed El Bassiouny to assert how the quarantine helped him have more family time and get all his work done on the same day, which didn’t happen when he used to work from his office.

The famous real estate brand also collaborated with platforms like Konafa & The Glocal to further create awareness of the new normal lifestyle in a humorous way.

The campaign helped us to visualize how quarantine time really helped us to enjoy our time in a different way and gave us a chance to change our thoughts to adapt to the NEW NORM.


Mountain View Creates Innovation Studio To Express Your Creativity

Mountain View wanted to take its campaign to the next level, so, it created a digital platform for crowd-sourced content under the label of ‘Mountain View Innovation Studio’.

This makes Mountain View the first to develop a customer-centric co-creation platform.

The new digital platform is accessible for everyone and it will be the place to go when people want to share their new norms and what habits they built during the quarantine.

Join the conversation, share with us your new habits and help us co-create the new normal at Mountain View Innovation Studio#MountainView #NewNormal #MountainViewInnovationStudio

Posted by Mountain View on Monday, 21 September 2020


People can share how they decorated their homes and designed their office at home, and what they have accomplished during their home quarantine, also, designers and experts share their creative ideas and solutions when it comes to new home design and spaces.

Basically, the platform is the new place to share ideas, new habits, and design solutions that facilitates the new normal lifestyle we started to live, you will also receive a lot of encouragement there.

The campaign and platform reposition the company as a thought leader and a customer-centric company since it created all of this just for the same of its customers and all people.

We have to give it to Mountain View for always thinking outside the box, unleashing its team’s creativity, and for not always sticking to the stereotyping image of what a real estate company should be.

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