Molto rebranding campaign: Is it Plagiarism? Yes, No or Maybe?!

Molto has been around for a long time, and keeping with what seems to be a new trend this year in advertising (looking to the past), the brand most famous for its chocolate croissant has rebranded.

Molto launched way back in the late 1990s, and has since become a staple at any corner store and large supermarkets. The chocolate croissant has a place in almost every Egyptian’s memories.

Apparently ready to make a chance, and explore new horizons and new looks, Molto has rebranded, changing their logo and aesthetics.

he company has decided to go with bold eye-catching colors, simple yet effective lines and extras, and a brand new logo that has had some go “huh?”


Seems like someone has been reading up on our Design Trends of 2018, check out what we mean here.

Since mid-January, Molto has been teasing their rebrand under the hashtag #معاك_عالحلوة_والحادقة (With you, from the sweet and the savory). The campaign continued with engagement posts discussing the difference between the past and now, and how we have changed with the times.

Molto’s new change is charming. Including a wide set of hand drawn icons, the rebranding will definitely been engaging with younger demographics.

Their new ad for the rebranding has also been catching a lot of buzz. Including celebrities Ahmed Malek, Asser Yassin, Dorra Zarrouk, and Maged El Kedwany, the video has quickly become a beloved advert.

Many on social media have already stated their love for the ad, with some saying it’s the best ad of the year.

To make things even more enjoyable, Molto has started replying to commenters on the video with short video content made on set of the video. This is admittedly a great way of communicating with their audience.

On a side note, Director Ali Ali posted the ad with a separate ending, which can be found here. Maybe Molto saw the “fear” factor that Cadbury did not with their aliens campaign, which saw children crying after looking at the supposedly cute aliens?


Plagiarism or Flattery?

Everyone knows the saying “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” but is it really in marketing? Or is it sloppy work, or a client’s fault for not researching it before hand?

Molto seems to be completely in love with one major YouTuber and one chocolate competitor then.


Molto vs MiO (vs Snickers?)

Molto may have a new happy face, but some eagle-eyed viewers are having a hard time enjoying their newest ad.

Some have already caught on, and shared, another ad that was released around 2012 by liquid enhancer MiO. The ad, named Office Transformation, ran in 2012, and it is clear to see that there are a lot of similarities.


We can also note that both ads take a bit of inspiration from Snickers’ global campagin “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Snickers’ campaign has been running since 2010. The campaign has been famous and beloved due to their fun nature of turning people into celebrities and bad-natured people until they change to their normal selves after eating a Snickers bar.


Were they trying to flatter Snickers and MiO? Let us know what you think.


Molto vs WatchMojo

Molto’s newest logo tries to bring a smile to any face, but it isn’t bringing it out for a certain group of people.

Apart from what looks like a bit of too much love for other ads, Molto is going to have a hard time dealing with critics who have found another thing to complain about, Molto’s logo.

Many have already found what could be a crippling move from Molto, a (almost) completely stolen logo.

YouTube lovers may notice that the logo is extremely familiar to them. This is due to the fact that the logo bears an extreme resemblance to popular YouTube channel WatchMojo.


This is clearly a close call for Molto, whose sweet and savory snack brand can easily be mistaken for a channel that does videos such as “Top Ten Funniest Movie Insults.”

What will they do? Who knows? But sharp eyed viewers and marketers should keep a tight eye on Molto and their next move.


Campaign Credits

Agency: GoodPeople & Circus
Creative director: Sherif Nashed
Director: Ali Ali
Production House: Magic Beans
Dop: Pierre Mouarkech
Producer: Ahmed El Ganainy (Magic Beans)
Demo: Monkeys and Mahmoud Ghali
Stylist: Nada Adel
Editor: Amr Rabee
Colorist: Belal Hibri (Lucid)
Post production: Lizard
Sound: Hosny Ali

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