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Is mocking “overrated” Social Media the next trend?

Social media has taken its toll on us, making us obsessed with creating our desired version of our lives in photo or status form. In 2015, Smartphone manufacturer HTC found out that more than 75% of people admitted to making their lives look more interesting and exciting than it was.

So now, instead of seeing social media as an innovation in communications, many see it is a gateway to making others feel jealous to make themselves feel better.

This controversial theory, and fact for many, has garnered thousands of supporters on both sides of the coin. To establish the strength of how much social media has changed us, there are hundreds of videos that discuss it.

Yesterday, Sherine Arafa, a growing lady of Arab content, posted a video on how much some people prepare to produce great Insta/Facebook ready photos.



عيد تفكيرك | ReThinkWATCH IT IN & FULLSCREEN..ENJOY!:)اتفرج علي HD و كبر الصورة..MUSIC: CAIROKEE

Posted by ‎Sherine Arafa شيرين عرفة‎ on Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The video shows off the multiple ways people fake and prepare their social media lives. From the morning selfie, to fake shopping bags full of pillows, to nights out with friends.

With the message of the video well-laid out, a majority of the video doesn’t even have any voice acting.

This isn’t the first time she has made a video discussing social media and parodying the act of faking till you make it.



“Overrated” Social Media Growing Trend

The video is another in a series of video content that is being made around the world.

Earlier this year, Ditch the Label, a leading international anti-bullying charity, also created a video depicting the need many young people have to make fake lives due to seeing the beautiful lives others have created.



Social media validation, to be socially accepted, has become such an important part in young people’s minds. This has caused skyrocketing rates of depression and anxiety in young adults, teens and young children.

It is important to maintain a balance as marketers between getting leads and helping people dig deeper into a hole they cannot get out of.

Always try to maintain some form of realness in your marketing, in the middle of all the flashy bright lights and happy models. This works with the fact that more and more millennials want to communicate with more authentic brands.

Be the dream, but don’t destroy others in the process.


What do you think about social media validation? Is it something you go through? Let us know in the comments below.

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