One Tiny Mistake…One Red Giant Comeback

If you don’t know how to dismiss the red giant don’t summon him

MobiNil a mobile operator who claims to be the most Egyptian oriented operator in the country. It claims to be the brand of the Egyptian people who has a deep understanding of the community and the Egyptian culture. Well some facts proves their claim false.

The latest buzz Mobinil had was of a woman who lost her nerves and smashed down the customer service branch and people commented through digital media saying that she had realized the dream of millions of Egyptians who seem to be frustrated by MobiNil’s service.

Anyways, one of the latest MobiNil’s ad was of a green ghost and a red giant who promises people false promises and can’t live up to their claims. Of course any one with the minimal IQ would comprehend that MobiNil is referring to its competitors Etisalat (the green ghost) and Vodafone (the red giant).

After the ad was aired Etisalat didn’t retaliate in any way, while Vodafone made a very smart move.

Vodafone hired the little sized guy who played the Red Giant in Mobinil’s act and produced a very creative ad that shows the little sized guy a witty little genie who can’t be fooled or bulled.

Vodafone took advantage of one tiny slip of MobiNil’s advertising team and agency. Their mistake seems to be a beginner’s mistake they didn’t legally obligate the actors in the ad not to perform in any other ad for any other mobile operator for at least 3 years.

How did the mistake happen?

Maybe the advertising agency wanted to increase its mark up and didn’t want to compensate the actors in case of signing a contract. Or maybe the team just didn’t think about it.

In both cases such tiny mistake gave Vodafone a chance to take a giant step…a red giant step!

Sherif El Hotabiy

The computer science graduate started his career in a different way than his colleagues. Starting as a news editor in Nile TV International, Sherif made his way up to news anchoring in less than 4 years. His multitasking and bilingual skills made him the only person in the company who worked in PR, Advertising and Creative thinking at the same time.