Microsoft mocks Apple again with a new Surface Pro 4 advert

Microsoft is targets business professional as new clients looking to replace their old laptops with the new Surface Pro 4. Microsoft is also attempting to provoke Apple with its argument that the Surface “runs all your desktop software,” a reference to the fact that the new tablet will be running Windows 10 Pro.

Previous TV ads for the Surface Pro 4 show real people using the tablet, and they state that many of its features can’t be found on their Macs. Microsoft’s latest commercial for the Surface Pro 4 puts the 2-in-1 tablet directly against the MacBook Air, claiming that it is much better than Apple’s notebook.

Microsoft has been on a spree with several recent ads gunning for Apple, comparing the Surface Book with the MacBook Pro, the Surface Pro 4 with the iPad Pro or Windows 10 with OS X.

This is not the first time when Microsoft decide to slams Apple with a new Surface Pro commercial. Two weeks ago, Apple released “What’s a computer?” a commercial — which you can watch below — designed to sell the iPad Pro super tablet as a full-fledged replacement for a laptop.

Apple has added a host of new features in its iPad Pro, including a Surface Pro-like detachable keyboard. Microsoft in its ad mocked this new addition. The company’s virtual assistant Cortana is shown talking to Apple’s counterpart Siri. Siri is heard telling Cortana that the new iOS tablet got a keyboard to make things easier. “I just got a keyboard. I’m a computer now, like you,” Siri said in the commercial.

Apart from these, Microsoft focuses on the iPad’s lack of “power” to describe itself as a computer, by mocking the lack of an Intel processor and full desktop versions of MS Office. The ad ends by claiming that “Surface does more, just like you.”

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