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Meet LinkedIn’s 2020 Most Engaging Members in GCC

In a world full of social media platforms, it is hard to stand out and to raise your voice. It takes a huge effort to be heard over social media because you’re not the only one who is trying to make a statement or to raise awareness.

Despite its difficulty, some people manage to accomplish this and LinkedIn proved it. The platform proved that People’s voices matter for 2 years in a row.


2020 Top Voices List

LinkedIn is the most powerful and famous professional network across the globe. It is the place where you can learn and gain more experience from other people and find many job opportunities.

People take LinkedIn to express their opinions regarding work, economics, business, and everything related to work-life. No matter what your work industry is, you will find topics related to it there.

Today, LinkedIn announced its second annual Top Voices list in the Gulf. The list includes 15 local experts who lead professional conversations on the platform. These experts reached this through their posts, articles, videos, analysis, and insights.


The Selection’s Rules

LinkedIn selected these experts because of their discussions and how meaningful and beneficial they are. The LinkedIn team considered how they are engaging the audience on each topic and how they always keep the audience informed with the latest updates.

LinkedIn leveraged a combination of qualitative and quantitative signals. Lynn Chouman and Salma Altantawy who are LinkedIn’s MENA editors studied engagement among regional professionals. Those professionals share insights from their area of expertise. Both Chouman and Altantawy also looked into the consequent conversations these professionals bring through the comments and share.

Not only that but they also take into consideration the frequency of posting and the growth of followers. Also, LinkedIn has curated the list by assessing how insightful these experts are, how conversational, and if they give and receive help.

MENA News Editor at LinkedIn, Salma Altantawy said: “As a result of the pandemic, conversations and engagement across the platform significantly increased this year as members sought to utilize the platform to learn, inform, remain up to date with the latest developments and share their thoughts on topics that are important to them. At LinkedIn, we aim to foster an environment where professionals are empowered to share their expert opinions to inspire impactful conversations. The GCC region’s Top Voices 2020 list celebrates these individuals who, throughout the year, have played an influential role in this thriving social and professional community.”


Professionals From GCC Who Made It to 2020 List

The list includes many important names with important positions.


The Diversity of The List

It is observable that the list celebrates diversity, relevance, and how leadership is dominating the platform. The list also shows how huge the effort the team put as they measured all sharing activity for 12 months; from October 1st, 2019 to September 30th, 2020.

To create an accurate and fair list, LinkedIn excluded their own employees along with Microsoft’s. LinkedIn excluded those who made it to the 2019 Top Voices list to give space for new voices.


 It is a beautiful initiative from LinkedIn to appreciate those who help others. This list also shows that opinions and words do matter. 

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