How To Measure Your Summer Popup’s Success

With the summer heat rising fast and crowds continue to overcrowd beaches nationwide, popups are everywhere. While many maintain booths during the full course of the summer months, some may choose to provide short bursts, but with either case, do brands truly understand how to measure the success of their popups?

Many consider success to be focused on the products sold, but popups are used for a variety of objectives, and it’s not only for selling.

Here are some of the most important ways to measure your summer popup’s success.


Measuring Popup Location Effectiveness

Choosing the location of your popup and how it is decorated/laid out are some of the most important parts of creating a popup, so it makes sense that it’s effectiveness should be one of your main priorities.

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Check its effectiveness by calculating

  • Foot traffic
  • Foot traffic vs time spent in popup
  • Times activations were used
  • Times activations were used vs foot traffic
  • Number of photos posted of location on social

Foot traffic can be calculated manually or with the help of products as this foot traffic analyzer.


Measure Popup Conversions

Whether your objectives are from a sales standpoint or you’re looking to gain leads/lead data, you should be measuring your specific conversion KPIs such as

  • Sign ups
  • Products sold
  • Samples sampled
  • Discount codes used

If you’re looking for leads or lead data, something as simple as a “sign up for free WIFI” will provide you with basic information. However, with 5G on the horizon and 4G already in the market with a wide range of locations, free WIFI may not cut it.

Try engaging activations that lead to landing pages. Photobooths with a professional camera, QR codes with a short set of questions that will provide discount codes, and similar activations can all ask for emails and basic information to access fun goodies.

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Measure Popup Engagement/Sentiment

While engagement and sentiment are usually keywords in digital strategies and analytical reports, they are often forgotten when it comes to the world of popups.

In today’s world, you are worth the time if you can provide something people need, engage them or both. This makes it important to understand just what your consumers are looking for and engage with, make sure to measure these KPIs.

  • Check sentiments on social
  • Number of photos posted on social
  • Times activations were used and sentiments toward activations
  • Interactions with staff

Try to create easy to measure activations that will also provide a qualitative look at sentiments, these could be activations such as sticky notes with comments by visitors, hashtags, door staff high-fives or equivalent (such as a short survey before leaving popup) and etc.

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