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MCIT boosting inventors and developers of Arabic e-content

oosting inventors and developers of Arabic e-content, the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) announces the launching of the registration phase for companies and individuals willing to participate at Egypt e-Content Award 2013, till June 8. Launching the contest, ITIDA seeks to support and develop e-content applications in Arabic language in all knowledge fields, on top of which the cultural and heritage areas, the environment, the scientific, educational, research, services and entertainment domains.

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The Award tracks include e-government data, e-health and environment, e-learning and science, e-entertainment and games, e-culture and tourism, e-media and journalism, ebusiness and commerce and finally, e-inclusion and participation.
In the awarding ceremony, winners shall receive cash and in-kind prizes. The attendees shall include a group of officials, experts and entrepreneurs interested in content industry locally and globally. Besides, the nomination of first place winners in each branch of the competition is to take place. The first place winners shall represent Egypt in the international e-content competition for this year, known as the World Summit Award 2013 (WSA) next June.

Industry development manager, Mr Ahmed Yehia Darwish, and the WSA representative in Egypt, mentioned that the contest, this year, comes to coronate the last years’ tremendous efforts that lead Egypt to win several significant prizes on the Arab and international levels, including professionals and young innovators.

Egypt hosted WSA awarding ceremony within the events of Cairo ICT  conference
Egypt hosted WSA awarding ceremony during Cairo ICT conference

Last year, Egypt hosted WSA awarding ceremony within the events of Cairo ICT conference. 168 countries participated at the contest.

ITIDA, added Yehia, perceived the contest this year as the spark to prepare an integrated program for the development of e-content industry. This is by supporting networking between Egyptian professionals and young innovators and their counterparts abroad, in order to exchange experience, develop ideas and innovation skills to serve their communities.

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ITIDA first organized the e-Content Award in 2005, in an attempt to boost Egyptian innovators, whether companies or individuals, to develop their innovations to spread the Arabic e-content through ICT applications. The Award, since that time, aimed to nominate the distinguished products to participate at international competitions in order to be well-promoted, and to follow-up with the speeding development of IT and multimedia.

Source: MCIT website

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