McCafé Advert: It Doesn’t Take a Genius To Mock Starbucks

A new advert has been going viral on Facebook for a couple of days now and almost all people are giving very positive feedback about it.

The advert was released by McDonald’s; we have to admit that McDonald’s doesn’t release many adverts like the other Food brands but when it does, it impresses everyone and it reaches its target audience.

This advert has many factors that made it successful and we will be discussing them in detail.


Need Coffee? Simple

On the 21st of November, McDonald’s released an advert promoting its McCafe’s coffee.

The main message from the advert is that ordering coffee shouldn’t be much of a hassle and the brand chose a tagline that says “Your coffee should wake you up not give you a headache”.

The advert has made a huge buzz on Facebook and many people started sharing it on their personal accounts, because not only the advert is funny and delivers a certain message but also makes fun of an international brand.

Mocking Starbucks

Over the past years, people have been making fun of Starbucks and similar places for asking too many questions when it comes to ordering a coffee. You go in to order a simple coffee and end up being asked too many confusing questions when you only just want coffee!

Mocking Starbucks was so obvious in the advert that almost everyone noticed and even commented about it.

Frankly, this is a bold move from McDonald’s as it used trendjacking in the best and most accurate way.

It’s worth mentioning that we noticed a change in how McDonald’s is using its social media platforms now; you would find that its content is more fun and relatable, the brand also changed its tone of voice to be more close to the type of audience that actually buys from McDonald’s, which is youth.


Everything In This Advert Is So Right

The advert is a success starting from the very first minute.

The sense of humor is always a plus in any advert as it is a major factor in grabbing the viewer’s attention and can easily win people’s hearts. Also, as we mentioned before, the use of trendjacking; the brand depended on a topic that has been a trend for a long time and triggered how people are always annoyed from these too many questions and there are many memes on all social media platforms on this topic.

Also, McDonald’s succeeded in reaching its target audience, adults, young adults, and teenagers; these are mostly the ones who order coffee from Starbucks and order food from McDonald’s and this advert is targeting them and we have to admit that it did reach them perfectly and the comments on the advert are proving so.


Big Numbers

Over 2 million views in 3 days.

On Facebook, the advert has over 2 million views, 2.7K shares, 2.1K comments, and 18K reacts. On YouTube, the advert has 799,563 views.

We have to say that the advert deserves 2 million views and even more because it is brilliant.

Tell us what you think about the advert. 

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