McDonald’s Creates New Packaging to Give Its Customers New Experience in 2021

Creating a bond between a brand and a customer depend on many factors including packaging. Packaging design can have a huge impact on the experience the consumer has with the brand. Providing the consumer with a unique presentation of the product can attach them to the brand.

If you were to think about your favorite brands, you would find yourself remembering all of their packagings because of their unique design and presentation.

McDonald’s is one of the brands that is creative when it comes to its packaging. The brand always looks for the best way to present its products and its new packaging is a proof.


Get Ready for New Experience with New McDonald’s Packaging

With the start of Jan 2021, McDonald’s will change the way it’s presenting its products. it will change the packaging of all their menu items.

To prove that packaging affects the experience of the consumer; McDonald’s packaging creates over 60 million interactions with consumers around the globe on daily basis. Therefore, the famous brand is making a change in how the packaging is used to make it part of the brand’s experience not just a tool for advertising.

The brand developed the new packaging in a certain way to ensure its continuity to deliver delicious and happy moments to the consumers and crew.

Simple Yet Creative

Simple, creative designs grab attention with their beauty and creativity. As much as it seems simple to the viewer, it actually takes a huge effort from the designer to end up this way.

The brand made sure that the designs are simple and straightforward to make it easy for the consumers and crew to tell the difference between the items.

McDonald’s created new designs that are free from the unnecessary visuals that cause noise. The new packaging design delivers to the consumer vibes of freshness, modernity, playfulness. It also wants to create more feel-good moments to enhance the brand experience.


The Designs’ Impact

People tend to love simplicity and McDonald’s delivered that brilliantly. The designs are cheerful, grabbing attention, and creative. Also, creating a design for each item gave it its own identity and will make the customer feel special about their order.

To conclude this article, McDonald’s took innovation to a whole new level; it wants its customers to have a full amazing experience whenever they order. And this can be a factor in attracting more customers and building new bonds.

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