L’Oréal Transforms Its Business Game “Brandstorm” into an Innovative Project Incubator Dedicated to Students

Brandstorm  is one of the world’s major competitions for students, Brandstorm has won several awards in the Human Resources sector. The competition has attracted more than 95,000 participants from 58 countries in 25 years.

Brandstorm supports the L’Oréal Group’s Employer Brand reputation by letting young talents discover the company, its challenges and its culture “from the inside” and developing participants’ employability with educational resources.

Each year Brandstorm helps to recruit 150 to 200 profiles to the Group’s entry-level programs. In 2017, Brandstorm is repositioning itself and becoming an innovation incubator for talents and their projects.

L’Oréal Egypt Brandstorm 2017:

With over 95,000 participants from more than 58 countries in 25 years, Brandstorm has become one of the top business games that globally aims to enable students to go beyond living the experience of a L’Oréal employee and allow them to transform their innovative ideas into reality.

L’Oréal Egypt organized 2017 National competition edition of the global business game “Brandstorm” where talented students from top universities in Egypt compete to win the National title. The event was attended by L’Oréal Egypt executive figures, universities partners, talented students and media.

In addition, L’Oréal is committed to providing participants with educational resources and dedicated to developing their personal and professional skills. But the Group is going even further by taking on the role of the incubator to help them bring their projects to life.

In 2016, L’Oreal Egypt launched “Brandstorm” where 72 of students registered, from more than 3 universities, formulated in 24 teams. During the 6 months assignment, L’Oréal Egypt provided coaching, tools, support, guidance to all talents in order to enable them to achieve their targets and be ready to compete on the international level.

Hossam Soliman, L’Oréal Egypt HR Director said, “Brandstorm is one of the top business games worldwide & one of the top launched in the Egyptian universities. It provides a unique opportunity for talents to unleash their creativity and entrepreneurial skill & to help us discover the young brilliant minds. I am happy to see every year it attracts more students and more universities from allover Egypt”.

He further added, “I am confident we have in Egypt the talents & creative minds that can compete globally and represent Egypt in the finals”. At the end, he wished the young attendees all the best in 2017 National Finals.

This year, Brandstorm game is reinventing the concept, to further open up the competition, especially to engineering and technology profiles. More than 7 top universities participated, represented in 52 teams, and 156 talented students, with a 90% increase in the teams joining the competition.

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