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Lions Live: The Inside of The Creative Minds

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the creative’s mind when he or she is thinking about an advert’s idea?
Coming up with a creative idea is not an easy process and it goes through many phases before you see the final results.

Campaigns and adverts carry a lot of details and secrets, not everyone can have an access to what is going on behind the scene or what happened so this idea can come to life.

Starting on the 19th of October and for 5 days you will have the chance to actually know how some campaigns and adverts were implanted and what happened when the curtains were down.

Lions Live is giving you this opportunity that you definitely don’t want to miss.


The Return of Lions Live

After the huge success that Lions Live had last June where 70,000 came together to attend the first edition, the international festival is returning this month with its second edition to support the global creative community.

Starting on the 19th of October and until the 23rd of this month, you will enjoy all the secrets and case studies that were made on the Lion-winning ideas. You have 5 days full of constructive advice and tips from the best creative and marketing legends from around the globe.


What Goes On Behind The Curtains

You will get a chance to listen to the minds behind the world’s most successful work as the team behind Grand Prix and Gold Lion-winning work, including McCann Tel Aviv & IKEA’s ‘ThisAbles’, Impact BBDO Dubai’s ‘The Blank Edition’, and Virtue Copenhagen’s ‘AdDress the Future’.

You will also be exposed to everything that has happened during the preparation of the campaign like the briefs, the sketches, the mistakes, the outtakes, and how some brands take massive risks when they believe in a campaign’s idea.

What The 5 Days will Include

The first day will hold a topic under the name of “Creative Leadership and Culture”. In this discussion, you will know everything about the way you can build a community where creativity can blossoms. The discussion will include lessons from the Wunderman Thompson merger and FCB’s meteoric rise up the “Network of the Year” rankings.

On the second day you will have “Creativity in Action, Part 1”, you will listen to the creators behind Poland’s first Grand Prix and the DDB Berlin team that fought online censorship via an audio streaming platform.


On the third day, you have “Creative Effectiveness” which will teach you how to do work that constantly grows and produce amazing results depending on a small budget. You will be exposed to many examples like a case study that was made on Snickers.


The fourth day will present you the second part of “Creativity in Action”, you will be introduced to case studies from award-winning practitioners that will tell you how work from Dubai, Stockholm, São Paulo, and Tel Aviv succeeded.

The fifth and final day will include a topic under the name of “Creative Capabilities & Processes. This topic will present you with all the skills you need to produce fast, cheap yet good work. You will also be exposed to the insights of Chipotle’s thriving TikTok strategy.


A New Home of Creativity: Lions

On the first day, Cannes Lions made an important announcement, which is the creation of its new master brand ‘Lions’. Lions will support the global communities on their creative journeys and its purpose is to drive progress through creativity.
Simon Cook who is the managing director of ‘Lions’ said

“We are in a unique position in that we have over 60 years of evidence confirming that creative excellence moves people, business and society forward. Cannes Lions takes place annually, but it’s become clear that creativity cannot only be tethered to a single experience. For some time our customers have been asking us for year-round support, to help them realize their creative aspirations and enable them to move forward. The creation of LIONS is a very natural evolution of our business that brings our portfolio of services onto a single platform – The Home of Creativity. Our aim is to provide those in the business of creativity with access to the insight and support they’ve asked for to enable them to drive progress through creativity, every day.”


Also, Lions collaborated with 5 marketing legends from 4 continents to share their experience, stories, and the motives that give them the power to champion creativity. Chaka Sobhani, Josy Paul, Tea Uglow, PJ Pereira, and Yang Yeo have presented and narrated a series of powerful videos that were created to inspire the global community to aim higher and to achieve progress through creativity.


Don’t miss the chance of attending the festival since it’s a great opportunity to learn something new.   

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