Lighten, brighten; H’la oil fluffs up with bright vibrant colors in relaunch

Summer is officially approaching, or at least the end of spring, as the temperature finally rises to t-shirt and sundress levels.

Finally, the bright colors of warm weather is finally upon us; from warm red to colorful pinks and pastels. Marketing efforts are shifting to more summery or spring-focused colors and hues.

Keeping up with the new seasonal trends comes H’la Sunflower Cooking Oil. After a long time out of the limelight, this cooking oil brand is making a splash with its bright pastel coloring, and light flying food.

H’la is trying few things differently this year, ditching the industry’s most popular formats, family-centered or choreographed dance sequences, for some light-hearted fun.

Light being an important part of their key messages.


Pushing better food-based advertising

Although cooking oil brands have usually followed certain genres or formats for their ads, they have always had an issue when it comes to showing off their product’s main solutions.

The cooking of food, and simply food in general.

Egypt’s growing food scene has given space for a rising number of stars in food photography, but most restaurants, or other food-based advertising still have issues with filmmakers unable to capture gorgeous shots of moving foodstuff.

It can be easily seen in other cooking oil ads this year, where the brand product’s effects aren’t properly seen due to bad lighting, or a lack of knowledge by directors on how to capture food in its best light.

To get ahead of the game, the agency called in Pierre Barougier, one of Europe’s leading tabletop filmmakers. Tabletop film being the filming of food or beverages.

Something to note is that as advertisers, it can be easy for many of us to forget that the purpose of a product is to offer some kind of solution to a problem a consumer has. Not only did H’la’s new campaign focus on its effects on food, making it lighter and etc., but it also focused on the food itself.


The brand continued showing off the product’s benefits with short video content.

Lightening the mood, visually

As shown in the last video, one of the key messages of the relaunch is the product’s ability to leave food light.

The relaunch touches on this multiple times through its advertising, and not only in its script and voiceovers.

Starting with the color schemes, which are vibrant pastel-like colors. We mentioned before that bright colors create more vibrant and exciting content both online and offline in our design trends of 2018.

The brand also plays with image trickery, using floating food as symbols for the product’s “lightness” and purity. The music for the ad was based on a song by Samira Saeed, which, along with the bright and fluffy visuals, have had positive feedback for its catchiness.

The song continued the advertising push with its Radio presence, its memorable and catchy tune is easily noticed while the campaign also promoted on the brand’s digital media platforms to maximize the reach.

Who is Behind the Campaign?


Managing & Creative Director: Tamer Badawi
Copywriter: Nanis Moheb
Art Director / Visualizer: Moataz Hossam
Account Director: Sara Ismail

What did you think of the brand? Did it make you hungry? Let us know in the comments.

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