Let’s Go Biking: Etisalat Misr Urges People to Bike in New Splendid Initiative

A couple of years ago, people started to care more about sports, working out, and proper nutrition. Doing sports became so popular that even organizations launched sports events that encouraged people to walk and run. Since many initiatives encouraged people to do sports, Etisalat Misr has launched an initiative to support biking in Egypt out of its belief in the importance of sports.


Etisalat Urges People to Bike

In the light of leading a healthy lifestyle, Etisalat has partnered with Global Biking Initiative and ET Sports to launch a new initiative under the name of في العجلة السلامة or in English “Your Safety is in Bikes”.

Moataz Bahei-ElDin who is Managing Partner, GBI Ventures stated the following:

“I’m delighted to see the implementation of the partnership between Etisalat and The Global Biking Initiative (GBI), the campaign will have a great impact on Egypt youth health, Egypt’s tourism and road safety.”

This is not the first time for Etisalat to care about sports. The company has been always supporting sports especially when it launched ET Sports application. The application gives out statistics, news, and even provides an online live experience.


Your Health Matters

We are used to seeing Etisalat caring about people in general, and this initiative is a major proof.

The main goal of Etisalat’s new initiative is to raise awareness regarding health. The telecom company wants people to start living a healthy life by doing sports. And since most people have shown interest in biking, the company decided to encourage people to follow this interest.

Michael Leuenberger who is GBI Global Chairman said:

“The Global Biking Initiative (GBI) has been developing cycling for more than a decade and I’m very delighted to further develop cycling safety and personal health initiatives in Egypt going forward with our strong partner Etisalat.”

Etisalat and GBI have released a series of episodes that interview biking experts to share their experience with cycling and to encourage people to go biking.



 The Humane Side of The Initiative

The initiative didn’t stop at just encouraging people to bike, it decided to save people’s hearts.

Since the whole initiative revolves around keeping one’s health safe, ET Misr has decided to raise donations. ET Misr and ET Cash will be supporting Magdi Yacoub foundation by donating money via ET Cash. Anyone can donate via the application and the money will go straight to the foundation.


Etisalat and GBI Wants Everyone to Join

Leading a healthy life is the best way to keep you safe. Etisalat wants everyone to join, no matter who you are and where you are. In fact, The initiative also urges women to take part and start biking.

Amany Khalil who is GBI Athlete and sports influencer said:

“A Woman’s strength and power is discovered when she enters the discomfort zone of her passion, we encourage the Egyptian women to join us in cycling Egypt through the campaign running by Etisalat and The Global Biking Initiative (GBI)”



Governmental Inspiration

The Government has also encouraged people to go biking! This happened when the Ministry of Youth and Sports launched an initiative under the name of دراجتك_صحتك or “Your Health Lies In Biking”.

Also, this initiative will follow the government’s directions and the use of technology. You can see that through the series of episodes on Etisalat and GBI’s social media accounts that motivate the audience to bike.

Remember, you’re not just helping yourself leading a healthy life, you’re also helping by saving many lives.

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