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This lady hysterically laughing shatters Facebook Live viewing record

A big “Star Wars” fan’s hysterical laughter over her new Chewbacca mask has attracted over 75 million views in 24 hours and still increasing to hit more than 105 million views since it was published on 19 May.

Here’s how internet history was made: on Thursday afternoon, Payne visited her local Kohl’s department store to return some clothes and for whatever reason she picked up a fun gift for herself – a plastic Chewbacca mask.

The video is now the most watched post on Facebook Live with over 100 million views:

Candace Payne brought home a Chewbacca mask. Watch her as she opens the mask (the moment happens around 1:59) and her soul detaches from her body. The joy is simply too much.

Mrs Payne says she has received comments, emails and text messages from friends, family and strangers praising her four minute video. But what she found most surprising is that her video helped many viewers on Facebook who were suffering from depression.

“I could see myself in the camera, and I saw this view and I could not stop laughing at how gleeful Chewbacca looked. I thought ‘Chewbacca’s found his joy!'”

The last record-breaking Facebook Live video, of an exploding watermelon, was produced by Buzzfeed and came in at little over 10 million views.

The social media site introduced live stream capabilities to all of its users in April. Users are able to live stream for up to 30 minutes and can save their broadcasts to their Facebook page.

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