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Katafight; Re-thinking medical ads with playful content

Pharmaceutical advertising has usually been a one or two-way track. Advertise your product, state its downfalls and effects, show testimonials and etc. Maybe you’ll simply go the safe route and advertise your company directly, avoiding mentioning your medicine and its message directly.

Cataflam, from international pharmaceutical powerhouse Novartis, seems to be trying to break through this norm through content marketing.

Katafight, perhaps also a joke on “cat” fights, is a new social media video series created by Cataflam, Crow Productions and Creatures marketing agency.

Watch Katafight Teaser

ايه اللي بيحصل ده؟ تابعونا علشان تشوفو حلقات #كاتافيت و تعرفوا اكتر

Posted by Katafight on Monday, November 20, 2017


The show centers around popular celebrities, from underground lead singers to online commentators and Youtubers, criticizing or making fun of each other.

The original idea stems from a series created by BBC Radio 1 called “Playground Insults,” in which actors are told to “hurt” each other until one gives up or breaks down laughing. Famous examples are Will Ferrell V. Mark Wahlberg, and Will Smith V. Margot Robbie.

The Facebook page recently uploaded their very first full-length video, with Cairokee lead singer Amir Eid and Sharmoofers lead Ahmed Bahaa.

Katafight – Episode 1 – AMIR VS. BOB

جمهور Sharmoofers و Cairokee العظيم، جايبنلكوا انهاردة في كاتافيت اتنين بتحبوهم اوي;شوفوا الحلقة و قولولنا مين وجع الثاني أكثر #كاتافيت #أمير_عيد #بوب #شارموفارز #كايروكي

Posted by Katafight on Thursday, November 23, 2017


Content Marketing as a way of alternative marketing for Medical products

Marketing pharmaceutical products has always been a difficult task, due to audience feedback or even from laws regarding its marketing.

The online world, as well as Content Marketing, gives the industry a fresh new way to introduce and remind audiences of their products.

Looking at Katafight as a prime example, we can see the brand aiming towards younger and more content-savvy target audiences. Through their new use of video series content, Katafight, the brand can now receive some of content’s benefits.

Benefits such as free social media engagement, brand and credibility building, raising the brand’s profile/awareness and being able to reach for long-term goals.

If Katafight becomes a popular series, and Cataflam continues to create new content for it, the company will be able to develop their relationship with a newer and younger target audience for future sales.

The series brings a great example and lesson to the Pharmaceutical industry. If you want to catch younger generations for a successful future, you need to get with the future of marketing, Content.

Content is often used by many in the marketing field to toe the thin line, perhaps this is another instance.

What do you think about Katafight and Cataflam’s strategy? Comment your thoughts on our comment section.

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