Kãí Sokhna Campaign: Marketing Approach for the Sea Creatures [Case Study]

The saying “lead by example” is important in politics and leadership roles — and it’s also critical in marketing. A brand that knows how to stand out from competition and attract customers is definitely an innovative brand.

As such is Misr Italia Properties’ latest campaign for one of its projects known as “Kãí Sokhna”. The campaign launched for Kãí Sokhna can provide significant marketing learnings to inspire the Real Estate marketing scene and inspire you for creating new creative approaches.


Teasing the Sea Lovers

The campaign started by asking simple questions like “Are you a sea creature?” Calling out all the magnificent sea creatures out there.

Concept Creation “HOMO-SEA-PIANS”

What’s interesting about this campaign is introducing Kãí Sokhna with a unique concept that is more than just being the typical luxurious resort.

The creative direction of Kai Sokhna’s “INHABIT THE SEA” campaign did not just portray a beautiful depiction of Kai’s sea life, but also gave you the choice to inhabit the sea and be one of the very special group known as the HOMO-SEA-PIANS.

They are the ones who want to enjoy spending quality time by the sea. They are cool, distinctive, and have a great love for the sea.


In a nutshell, Kãí Sokhna is developed to bring you close to nature, it is designed to pamper you. It is the place where your skin will be kissed by the sun and your heart will be hugged by nature.


The New Gathering Point for Sea Lovers in Sokhna

The advert to promote the resort isn’t the only thing that makes Kai stands out, the resort is full of top-notch amenities ranging from outdoor beach activities to indoor exquisite designs and views.

To begin with, Kai will be introducing the first world-class Kitesurfing center in Ain El Sokhna called “Fins” managed by the renowned Sherif Soliman and Jennifer Osman. Adding on to that, there will be a beach bar/restaurant managed by TLT (The Lemon Tree) hospitality which adds a little zest to the Kai Sokhna experience.

Kai chalets are uniquely designed by the signature Alchemy Design Studio, from where you can enjoy a spectacular sea view or a remarkable pool experience just next to your doorstep. The sea view is not the only spectacular breathtaking view there is, for there are vibrant sights of nature all around you.

Last but not least Kai hosts a Hilton 5 star hotel which includes 5 meeting rooms, a board room, and a business center which feels like having a skyscraper built on a tropical island making Kai the natural habitat for those who wear an executive suit while keeping their inner wild child of nature intact.


Campaign Results

The key matrix and results will help you explore in-depth knowledge about the campaign’s performance and how the audience actively reacted to the campaign.

The main audience that Kai is targeting is people whose age ranges between 25 to 45 years old. But if you love the sea, then it doesn’t matter how old you are, Kai welcomes all sea lovers.

Total Campaign Reach
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The general feedback on the campaign and the advert were positive as the advert’s production was of high quality, different, and made Kai stand out. This was all obvious on the million views the advert got.


In conclusion, Kai Sokhna’s campaign topped other real estate campaigns as it created a concept that is born from a one of a kind cool community.

Seeking an extravagant experience? Inhabit the Sea, Inhabit Kai!

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