Jumia Success Story: 4 years journey of establishing e-commerce in Egypt

Jumia, the online shopping website, announced today that it has provided more than hundred thousands of products to shoppers across Egypt. This achievement underscores the incredible growth the company has witnessed since the launch in 2012.

2016 marks Jumia’s 4th anniversary. The company has flourished in large part that left a revolutionary impact on e-commerce in Egypt.

Since the beginning of its operations in 2012 in Egypt, the company has transformed Egyptian consumers’ shopping trends, by providing the opportunity to buy everything in a convenient experience online, including fashion items, consumer electronics, and home appliances.

“Since the launch, our company vision has been to build the most beloved and trusted shopping destination for Africans which is achieved by relentlessly building the most effortless and reliable online shopping environment providing consumers with the widest range of genuine products at low prices”. This is consistent with the voice of our customers, heard during the focus groups. Our customers want convenience, choice and quality products,” said Hesham Safwat, CEO of Jumia Egypt.

“We have been serving our customers in the past four years aiming to provide them with high quality and unique products. Despite the economic challenges Egypt faced, we were able to maintain our success and our growth through building stronger partnerships between our stakeholders. Jumia currently has more than 2,700 partners to share the success with,” added Safwat.

The past four years have shown a fundamental shift and influence in the retail industry. In 2012, Jumia had around 700 products on its website, and after four years the website has more than 200,000 products, and aims to quadruple the number of products by the end of 2017. Jumia is now laying the foundations for a new industry with the cooperation of partners and by introducing new concepts to the Egyptian retail market by transforming to a 100% marketplace platform.

Jumia was able to build a strong team of experienced talents, who were ready to develop and take the e-commerce industry to the next level. Starting off by bringing international expertise to the Egyptian market to train the local talents, now the majority of Jumia’s team is Egyptian. With the continuous growth, the company has grown to become the biggest online e-commerce website in Egypt, with a team of more than 350 now.

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