Japanese Prime Minister leads Tokyo 2020 Promotion as Super Mario

As the Rio 2016 Olympic games have officially ended, the International Olympic Committee passed on the host city honor to Tokyo, Japan, as they are set to play home to the next Summer Games in 2020.

At the closing ceremony, the crowd and viewers got a stunning teaser for Tokyo’s turn at the next summer Olympic host city. The Tokyo 2020 commercial during the closing ceremony offered a stylish, modern teaser of what’s to come and it looks like it’s going to be amazing.

Shinzo Abe amazingly shot up out of a green tube dressed as the video game character before dramatically bursting out of his red outfit, doffing his Mario cap to the crowd as the rain poured down at the Maracana Stadium.

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In 2020, the Olympic Games will take place in Japan. The country’s national anthem played at the 2016 Rio Olympics Ceremony, anticipating the games that will take place four years from now.

During Japan’s national anthem, 20 performers in illuminated dresses and aboard scooter-like devices rode in on a red field that gradually turned white until they were surrounding the red circle of the country’s Rising Sun flag on a white field.

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