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Ipsos Lebanon issue statement regarding viewers and advertisers

Ipsos, the leading research firm in the Middle East, has been the subject of defamation and a libel campaign, carried out by several television stations in Lebanon, driven by the latter’s motives to justify their shortcomings in front of viewers and advertisers. Ipsos points out that Lebanon is a country in which freedom of speech, commerce, and industry are protected by the constitution and will not falter, regardless of the degree of demagoguery, both verbal and in actions exercised by these TV stations.

Ipsos has issued the following statement regarding this situation:

  • Ipsos is one of the largest independent study companies in the world, operating in 86 countries, including Lebanon.
  • Ipsos is a global company, which has been investing in Lebanon for 26 years. It conducts Market Research studies with full accuracy, transparency, credibility and independence, based on global guidelines, and does not have any political or sectarian affiliation.
  • Among the multitude of Ipsos’s expert services offered in Lebanon, is the assessment of viewership of television stations; this is conducted under the supervision of a specialized and independent committee consisting of advertising companies, advertisers and TV stations in Lebanon. The said committee solicited the service of several global specialists who audited the company’s methods and results with the consent of all television stations (including the TV stations waging the ongoing campaign) thus confirming the credibility of the company in maintaining international standards.
  • In the past, Ipsos chose to remain silent in the face of smearing campaigns, but the company’s global reputation, that of its clients, and the interest of 300 families that the business in Lebanon impacts, drives Ipsos to vigilantly denounce this recent defamation campaign.
  • Ipsos does not monopolize Market Research studies in Lebanon—a country known for its freedom of speech and that of the media—for there are many other companies that operate in the same field; advertisers and advertising companies are at liberty to choose any research company which meets their methodological and accuracy standards.
  • Any party unsatisfied with the results of Ipsos’s studies and results is at liberty to deal with other companies; however, this does not give any party the right to slander Ipsos or jeopardize its work.
  • This negative campaign against Ipsos is a preemptive and treacherous scam and an intolerable moral intimidation, which is a serious violation of rights and freedoms.
  • The company resents this low level of engagement in dealing with intellectual work, declaring its reservation to stoop to such a level of confrontation; however, it will take all necessary legal action against those who try to defame the company or slander its reputation in Lebanon and globally.

In any case, this slanderous campaign will not affect the viewers’ preferences in choosing the stations and programs they personally deem worthy of viewing.

Sara Shabana

Head of Brand Communications at Amazon MENA - Brand communications | Community Building & Engagement | Brand Experience | Content Marketing | Omni Channel & Customer Experience | Digital Research | Speaker