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Internet shows world how to make a #QualitySelfie

Mobile manufacturers work towards the goal through innovation, technological breakthroughs, mobile phone additions, applications and more. Selfie lovers, beauty gurus and models have been hounding us with tips and tricks such as angling the phone or taking it from a high perspective. In the end, most of us still don’t really understand what a quality selfie is or how to take one.

Last month, TECNO mobile decided to try and put a stop to that debate.

With the release of #QualitySelfie, the company tasked several influencers and the Manchester city Football team to create a quality selfie and challenge three others to do the same. This let the internet control what it meant to create a quality selfie.


What is a Quality Selfie?

The game was simple, create a quality selfie, but what is a quality selfie?

A quality selfie is a selfie that tells a story, or shows a cool or unique action or skill. It also has to be high resolution, which TECNO mobile provides with their new Camon CX mobile phone.

The mobile phone, which was released last month, has been on the marketing trail with its usefulness to Selfie takers. The phone boasts a 16MP HD front camera with dual front flashes, as well as some great hardware and software to ensure capturing some amazing photos.

Today’s young demographic is in love with selfie taking, which encouraged mobile manufacturers to focus on improving camera hardware and software to attract young audiences. It also encouraged the creation of photo sharing social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, which attract millions of new young users every year.


Having fun with it; quality selfie competition

Most selfies are average, cute or beautiful photos of people and their friends, the term and hashtag #QualitySelfie aims to change that with a challenge. During the last month, dozens of people have used the tag on Instagram, over 870 times!

These quality selfies are on the list to win one of three Camon CX mobile phones, and more videos are posted every day. The competition seems easy, just take a video and you’re done! But it takes more than just a will to make a great quality selfie, so get inspired by these 10 videos.

The Fun

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This is #CamonCX and this is how you do a bionic-super-duper #QualitySelfie 🔥😎 (( A-ONE-HAND-STAND )) . I'll challenge 3 of my friends to show off their QualitySelfie and see what they've got 💪💪 @ali_abughaben @loayelsergany @shahendaattia . .ده #CamonCX وهو ده ال #QualitySelfie . . .(( A-ONE-HAND-STAND )) 🔥😎. انا هتحدى تلاتة من صحابي يوروني ال QualitySelfie بتعهم . @ali_abughaben @loayelsergany @shahendaattia انتوا كمان اتصوروا وورونا ابداعكوا واتحدوا صحابكوا ورينا ال QualitySelfie @tecnomobileegypt . #fitnessenthusiast #iconsofsuccess #healthblogger #motivator #influencer #fitness #addict #model #enthusiast #lifestyleblogger #gym #sport #lover #onehandstand #handstand #healthy #lifestyle #smile #ashmawi #new #campaign #tecno #mobile #selfie #challenge #selfiechallenge 📷

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The Silly and Quirky


For the Action Lovers

The Selfie Queens


And the Adorable


Looking for some fun ways to take a selfie? Check out the Hashtag on Instagram.

Looking for a new phone to take those fun selfies with? Check out TECNO mobile’s Camon CX, with its Ramadan price of 3099 EGP instead of 3499 EGP.

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