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Interesting Facts on Telecom Egypt 160 Years Advertising Ramadan 2014

Its not a secret that you might have faced a trust issue/s with some of your audience and might have even neglected you Ads messages. Marketing agencies played a role in shaking the consumer trust in Ads by creating non-sense messages and taglines to make a product look like the biggest, the best the longest, the etc… A book by Seth Godin published in 2005 [All Marketers Are Liars] also highlighted spreading the word about  the power of  telling authentic stories in a low trust world.

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Marketers take a different approach to storytelling, marketers should be more focused on telling authentic stories as they are on creating quality products. However, people will buy a story first before they can buy the product itself. But! soon they will try your product and they can tell if it meets their expectations or, your ads just sold a mirage! Yet, your story is a key factor that can make some marketing campaigns successful and what makes others fail.

Telecom Egypt 160 Years Case

Graham Bell, The engineer who is credited with inventing the first practical telephone in 1876. But even if the telephone was the first device in history that enabled people to talk directly with each other across large distances. Telecom Egypt started in 1854 with the first telegraph line in Egypt.

Telegraph appear in Telecom Egypt Advert for Ramadan 2014
Telegraph appear in Telecom Egypt Advert for Ramadan 2014

Assuming that communication industry is restricted to land-lines, a negative wave on Social Media created viral sarcastic messages assuming that facts listed in Telecom Egypt advert is not just historically incorrect but also misleading !

A given historical fact, Telecom Egypt is 160 years old as started in 1854 with the first telegraph line in Egypt to be in 2014 the biggest communication network in Egypt and Middle East. We cannot assume that the advert didn’t demonstrate the historical facts about Telecom Egypt along 160 years and summarized its role along Egypt history.

People care more about the way they feel when they buy your brand than hardcore facts and even if the advert show that Telecom Egypt took the advantage over mobile operators during 25Jan revolt, its clear that Telecom Egypt brand face a trust issue which make the brand name so fragile and couldn’t stand solid against negative feedback for some people who neither pay attention to details nor even invested couple of minutes to investigate the facts and information which are framed by the advert story.

In an interview published in May-June 2014, Telecom Egypt’s CEO said that the company was awarded a unified telecoms licence and this will be Telecom Egypt next challenge because first impressions start the story. A first impression causes the consumer to make a very quick, permanent judgment about what he/she was just exposed to. If your message is framed in a way that conflicts with consumers view, you’re invisible.

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Great marketers tell a story authentically, tell stories we believe. The story changes the way the consumer experiences the product or service and he tells himself a lie. Consumers make a prediction about what will happen next. Consumers rationalize anything that doesn’t match that prediction. [From All Marketers are Liars review]

The new rule of marketing is that it doesn’t matter if something is actually better or faster or more efficient. What matters is whether consumers believe the story or, not !

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