In Tough Times, How To Keep Your Career Above Water

The Coronavirus pandemic had caused huge damage across the whole globe and as we all witnessed, it was hard for anyone to maintain his or her career during this time. In addition, many companies had to lay off some of its employees to reduce their costs a little.

We were all in a shock of how things suddenly changed and no one had enough time to take any kind of precautions. Since we are still in the same situations but with few adjustments, we all need to learn how to maintain our careers during this time. And in case of a second wave, we have to be ready.

Here are some helpful tips that can help you maintain your career during COVID-19.


If you were laid off, Don’t Give up

During this period, we could see many international companies laid off some of their employees, such as Uber, which has laid off 3000 workers around the globe.

So, if you were laid off due to the pandemic, don’t let this bring you down and don’t give up. Always remember that you chose this career path for a certain reason, so you have to keep, don’t waste all of your effort and everything you’ve done for the sake of your career.

Keep searching for vacancies and keep applying so you can maintain your career.


Improve Your Performance and your skills

If you’re still in your job or got a new one, then you have to always be working on your performance. Even though the situation is stable for now, you’ll never know what could happen later on, so, always improve your performance so you can prove to your company that you’re irreplaceable.

Also, you should improve your skills while being there, work on your communication skills and develop any other ones related to your job, you will definitely be needing them.


Keep Updating Your Portfolio

Never forget about your portfolio! If a company is willing to interview you, it will be checking your portfolio to see how good your work is.

Your portfolio should include all of your work, those projects you worked on with your company, and those you worked on all by yourself, even if they were personal projects. As long as what you’re uploading shows your skills then put it out there.


Keep your connections alive and Build More

We need connections in our career, those who can help us when things get rough. So, either you’re still in your job or searching for one, keep building connections!

One of the perks of having connections is that they can help you get a job easily if you were laid off, they can even help you develop yourself if you asked them for some tips. Always remember that one of the things that a successful career depends on is having connections.


Be Adaptive

We are all exposed to go through difficult situations; the secret is that we should know how to adapt. There was nothing more to prove to us than this situation that we need to learn to adapt to our surroundings.

You have to accept the reality of your job and the circumstances are enforcing and from now on, adapting will make you come up with solutions on how to keep your career stable during any hard situation.


Fight the Negativity

We are surrounded by negativity the whole time, you have to fight it. Being optimistic and positive will make you see things from a completely different angle.

Be sure that no matter what, you will find stability and as long as you’re passionate about your job and career path, you will never fail and you will always maintain it.


Share with us your story about how you were able to maintain your career while facing COVID-19.

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