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IKEA Creates a Virtual Shopping Experience for Its Pop-up Store in North Coast

It is almost a month since the lockdown and quarantine are over and step-by-step life started to be back to its normal routine but with serious precautionary measures being taken to limit the number of the coronavirus infection.

Even though life is heading towards normality again, some brands’ stores are still committed to the social distancing rule and depending on online shopping to avoid any crowding that could happen inside the store. One of the brands that has been giving its customers an extraordinary shopping experience is IKEA.

IKEA is one of the most famous furniture brands that everyone loves purchasing from; and this year marks the second year of the brand opening its pop-up store in the North Coast.

IKEA in The North Coast

With the less imposed restrictions, people started to travel again inside the country and since it is summertime, they always tend to head to the North Coast for vacation. So, residents of the North Coast can now enjoy IKEA’s products.

The store is open from June till the end of August and its location remains the same as last year’s, at Livio’s mall in front of Marassi.

IKEA has created a new shopping experience for all its customers where they can visit the North Coast store and do their shopping virtually.

3D Virtual Store for Seamless Shopping Experience

Since the pandemic still exists, the brand aimed for less crowd inside the store so that people can have the best experience with nor compromising on their safety. IKEA created a 3D virtual store for North Coast residents, so they can visit it virtually to check the whole place from the outside and the inside along with all of its products. You can enjoy the full experience by clicking on the following link.

This is the first time IKEA implements this option for one of it’s EG stores to assert the social distancing rule and to make shopping an easy experience for its customers. The brand wants to make people’s summer hassle-free and for everyone to stay at home and shop online instead of physically visiting the store and create crowdedness.

Order and Collect Service

IKEA is also offering a new and exclusive service where customers can pick up their products from North Coast store. This service is limited to specific products displayed on It’s simple! Customers choose the desired products, screenshot them and send via WhatsApp 01025005237. All orders are received within the same day.

It is great to see that some brands are creating solutions that can make this time easier for people, and since everything is becoming virtually done, we are expecting some brands to follow IKEA’s path of providing its customers with modern solutions.

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