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IBM Commits To Skill 30 Million People Around The World By 2030

As much as we live in a modern digitalized world where you have access to almost anything, there are few opportunities for people to gain skills to enable them to enter the employment world or even follow their passion.

This issue is about to be solved.

IBM announced today a global plan to skill people around the world to enable them to join the jobs of tomorrow.

Here’s what you need to know.



About IBM and Education

IBM is a global technology and innovation company; it is the largest technology and consulting company in the world with more than 375000 employees serving clients in 170 countries.

The company’s commitment to education has been core to its corporate social responsibility initiatives. In fact, IBM launched the P-TECH program that is designed to address the high-tech skills gap. Also, IBM created programs to reskill and upskill people in every stage of their learning journey.

The company also offers human-centered professional workplace proficiencies for resume building, collaboration, presentation, and time management.



IBM To Skill 30 Million People Globally

In an important announcement today, IBM has stated that by the year 2030, it will provide 30 million people of all ages around the world with new skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

This beautiful initiative will include collaborations with more than 170 new academic and industry partnerships.

Employers worldwide find difficulty in finding new skilled employees and according to the World Economic Forum, closing the global skills gap could add US$11.5 trillion to global GDP by 2028. Since education and training systems need to keep pace with the market demands, according to WEF, the public and private sectors need to collaborate on education and training to meet these demands.

Arvind Krishna, IBM Chairman, and CEO has stated,

Talent is everywhere; training opportunities are not. This is why we must take big and bold steps to expand access to digital skills and employment opportunities so that more people – regardless of their background – can take advantage of the digital economy. Today, IBM commits to providing 30 million people with new skills by 2030. This will help democratize opportunity, fill the growing skills gap, and give new generations of workers the tools they need to build a better future for themselves and society.



What You Need To Know About The Program

IBM has always had diverse offerings and an adaptable approach, its education portfolio strives to be unique and effective.

The program provides technical education for teens at brick-and-mortar public schools and universities and extends to paid, on-site IBM internships and apprenticeships. IBM’s skills and education programs pair IBM mentorships with learners to provide no-charge customizable online curricula.

The company will collaborate with universities and key government entities like employment agencies and its partnership will extend to NGOs that focus on groups such as underserved youth, women, and military veterans.



The Egyptian Collaboration

IBM has existing partners in Egypt like Sonaa Al Kheir and it will form new partnerships.

The company will partner with Education For Employment Egypt (EFE-Egypt) to provide training on the IBM Skills Build platform to upskill, reskill, and best prepare the workforce for the future of work.

Wael Abdoush, General Manager, IBM Egypt said,

One of our top priorities in Egypt is empowering youth with the right new skills and equipping them with the necessary tools through availing our programs and platforms to support the ongoing digital transformation journey in the country.

Nora Abou El Seoud, EFE-Egypt CEO also stated,

Our collaboration with IBM is a great opportunity for us to build the skills of new generations in Egypt by leveraging programs like Skills Build and help to equip youth with the technology and innovation skills in AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity and prepare them for the new job markets’ requirements.



We believe this brilliant initiative will make a huge change in people’s lives and in the worldwide economy. 

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